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The Poetry Sorting Algorithm

An over educated twit,
An algorithm he has writ
To analyze poetic Lit
And sort the good stuff from the shit.

No, this is not a silly joke; 291 more words


Sanding The Stone

Telling a story about a place using images isn’t necessarily as straightforward as it may seem. There are many layers of information; some need to be added to, others subtracted from. 305 more words


Doing More Only to Do Less: Do We Glorify Busy?

My friend Gavin was telling me about a conversation he had with some Dutch colleagues. Gavin, and his compadre Georgina, find that the sheer volume of work they are confronted with on a weekly basis is just un-doable within the confines of a normal 8-hour work day. 1,153 more words


If You Haven't Worked a Day in Your Life, You Probably Don't Love Anything

You’ve heard it before, the beloved aphorism from the ever-intriguing Confucius;

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 1,207 more words


How the Other Half Works: An Adventure in the Low Status of Software Engineers

Bill (not his real name, and I’ve fuzzed some details to protect his identity) is a software engineer on the East Coast, who, at the time (between 2011 and 2014) of this story, had recently turned 30 and wanted to see if he could enter a higher weight class on the job market. 4,368 more words

Office Politics

Academic Research and “Time Off”

“Can you read these words to me, Amanda?” my first grade teacher asked, pointing at the cover of The Wheedle on the Needle. I shook my head and smiled, thinking this was some kind of trick. 2,527 more words

Work Life Balance

Dog Rescue in China: A Photo Essay

Recently, AP Images was hired by Humane Society International to photograph activists as they worked with local authorities in Beijing to negotiate the release of a truck full of dogs that were being transported to a dog meat market in Northeast China. 518 more words

Animal Rights

Don't Fear the Reaper: On Being a Hospital Chaplain

I was in line at my local food co-op, which just so happens to have the planet’s best dirty chai (the treat I get for myself after an especially hard day’s work). 1,376 more words


Something Wicked This Way Comes: Witches and Modern Women

Two weeks ago, I published a piece on modern monsters and their meanings within contemporary pop culture. Though I dug through the remains of zombies, vampires and kaiju, I intentionally avoided analysis of witches—I wanted to devote an entire piece that would provide me with the space to unpack the cultural resurgence of witches this year. 2,314 more words


A Cyclist is Just Another Human Being

Short version – it’s as preposterous to attribute characteristics to ‘cyclists’ as it would be to attribute them to ‘trainists’, ‘busists’, ‘planeists’, ‘tubists’ or ‘pedestrians’. A ‘cyclist’ is just a human being who happens to be travelling by bike, just as a ‘pedestrian’ is a human being who happens to be travelling on foot, and a ‘trainist’ one who happens to be travelling by train. 874 more words


Gaza: Leaving Isn't Difficult

Leaving isn’t difficult. It’s coming back that breaks you.

“So how was teaching terrorists all summer?” my aunt asked contentiously as we lay on the beach at the lake, August 2000. 661 more words


How Google Can Really Help News & Media

Earlier this month, folks from Google invited me along with Kara Swisher and Audrey Cooper for a conversation about the future of news. Towards the end of the conversation, we were asked what Google could do in order to help the news and media industry. 1,516 more words


Blaming Fat Women For Our Lack of Clothing Options

While I’m on a roll of ranting about things that piss me off, here’s another one: the recent trend of blaming the lack of plus size clothing options on the supposed buying habits of plus size customers. 891 more words


Women’s Cooperatives in Rwanda

In February of this year, I joined All Across Africa in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi for an amazing two-week journey through their women’s basket weaving cooperatives, as well as sewing schools designed for young adults. 59 more words


The Internet Archive and Flickr's Commons

Over the past couple of weeks, The Internet Archive has already been uploading content behind the scenes, and today we are very excited to officially launch them into… 382 more words


Seeing Through the Illusion: Apple’s Mastery of the Media

“Beautifully, unapologetically plastic.”

“Feature for feature, it’s identical to iPad Air in every way.”

“Just avoid holding it in that way.”

Apple’s public relations (PR) department is probably the best in the world — certainly more impressive at shaping and controlling the discussion of its products than any other technology company. 336 more words

Public Relations

Writing Memoir on Social Media

I’m doing something in the room and The Boy walks in stealthily from behind me and suddenly there is a shower of bubbles in the air and lots of childish laughter. 1,184 more words


On the Public Humanities and the Reign of Opinion

“Within a philosophical frame of reference, Opinion is the lowest form of knowledge, something like prejudice, a mental state which tends to agreement to something represented.

2,240 more words

I Am a Hero, and So Is Anita Sarkeesian

A few weeks ago, I wrote a rambling post on whether or not video games are art. Someone linked to this post on Reddit, which drove the hit counter on my site to record-setting numbers. 975 more words


The 'Informal Economy': Inside a Family's Fruit Stand Business

Douglas Haynes | Orion | Summer 2014 | 22 minutes (5,391 words)

OrionThis Longreads Exclusive comes from the latest issue of Orion magazinesubscribe to the magazine… 5,780 more words


The Complete Guide to Swearing at Work

For those of us with a fondness for profanity, testing the bounds of cursing in the workplace can feel at once satisfying—and fucking terrifying. But fear not, there’s reason to believe that indulging your impulse to drop an f-bomb in the office is worth it, according to some experts. 1,241 more words


Fight Club: The Complete Rules

  1. You do not talk about Fight Club
  3. If someone says stop, goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over.
  4. 396 more words

Facebook Ruined My Life. Now They Must Pay.

Should a ginormous corporation be allowed to humiliate a child and profit from her pain? Could $167,000,000 in compensation even begin to make up for her suffering? 1,217 more words

Social Media

Can Legacy Media Flourish? Inside The Atlantic

“I think that it would be Pollyannaish to say that print will never disappear. I do think that someday print will not be around, but I’ll have to say that it’s much farther into the future than many of us were talking about four years ago.

3,888 more words

Diane's Vietnamese Fried Chicken

When my 5 younger siblings and I were growing up, we were addicted to American food in the craziest of ways. Mom and Dad always had their garden fresh soups, healthy fish and vegetable dishes. 462 more words


When To Hug Someone: Life's Greatest Mystery

Knowing when to hug someone is a question that has plagued humanity since its very inception. Confounded cave-people deduced how to trap and eat their monkey brethren right away but would have to wait thousands of years before even the most basic hugging etiquette could be established. 866 more words


Summer Night Kiev Blues

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine,
I was young and running wild -
“Be a darling,” said the raven,
“Keep my beak inside your heart.” 220 more words