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How to overcome procrastination and laziness

This question on Quora made me revisit some of my writing on the subject of procrastination.

I am ambitious, talented and intelligent, but I lack willpower, discipline, and organization.

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“This is not a good time for this call,” I told the vendor whose call I’d just accidentally answered.

“But I want you to know how much I’m doing to help you and what I’m doing to resolve these issues and–“ 549 more words


Girl Fight

Remember when you were in high school and you were in some kind of click? Don’t pretend that you weren’t. EVERYONE was in something, even the outsiders were a thing. 690 more words


It's time to ship!

Seth Godin in his bestseller book ‘Linchpin‘ talks about some very interesting & inspiring concepts…life changing if you can make it happen. One of the 3 topics that most inspired me was ‘to ship’. 224 more words


Under a “Liberal” White House, the only dissident voices are “Conservative”; under a “Conservative” White House, the only dissident voices are “Liberal”… which is the result of the adolescent impulse of “loyalty” inherent to the football-team model of Politics (just one moment of rational reflection should lead us to consider the improbability of the “Democrats” always being right and the “Republicans” always being wrong, and vice versa). 211 more words


Facing the fear that you may not be that creative and all your ideas are bad

Something interesting I read on Tumblr just now.
I’m so excited about becoming that person that says “fuck it, I’ll do it anyway”. For now I’m still stuck with Lizard Brain. 623 more words


Day #417:Seth Godin on The Lizard Brain

“The lizard brain is hungry, scared, angry, and horny.

The lizard brain only wants to eat and be safe.The lizard brain will fight (to the death) if it has to, but would rather run away. 183 more words