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June 22, 2014

Values                                                                                                             Done

Integrity                                Compassion                                         Not planned the day

Loyalty                                   Vision                                                     Not fed dogs 2nd meal

Caring                                       Strength                                               Pick at face

Empathy                                  Truth


Goals – Focus… 635 more words

Being weird, Icarus deception and Lizard brain

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and blogger who comes up with innovative marketing ideas. I like 3 concepts he has popularised- Being weird, Icarus deception and Lizard brain. 471 more words

Trick the Lizard

Only Half-Hearted

I have had a writing project on my desk for a long time now. Too long.

Every so often I come back to it thinking I will finish it off and ship it. 730 more words


Worship Nite

A personal one I wrote back in September 2013, and has nothing to do with religion or any religious activity. Although it was written for an acquaintance this was the motivational piece I wrote for myself as a reaction to the various circumstances that were happening (or not happening) in my life that time, including “joining” a multilevel marketing scheme, the job that I had quit a year before writing this.  426 more words

Old Facebook Posts

Meditation v. Mental Masturbation

So this is the title of tomorrow’s meeting.

“Meditation v. Mental Masturbation”

Let me explain.

I have a friend named JR. He is a successful entrepreneur. 389 more words


Weekly Download 14.12

Here’s a recap of news and notes from around the Web that caught my attention over the past week or so.

How Did The Meter Get Its Length? 110 more words


Ten Day Challenges

All the research suggests that it requires a full two weeks of a new activity for it to become a habit.

So as part of my re-invention I’m going to undertake a series of 10 day challenges (yes I’m giving myself the weekends off). 1,019 more words