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Luxury Experience In Park City, Utah

Park City is a city in Summit County, Utah. It is considered one of the wealthiest cities in the United States; most people are familiar with the town because of its main attraction in the United States, the… 112 more words


Sara & Ivie

Last year I shared an amazing day with an amazing friend, When Sara told me she was engaged and getting married, I was so excited and happy for her. 115 more words


Fragrance Hut owner remains in jail pending federal synthetic drug trial - KCRG

Fragrance Hut owner remains in jail pending federal synthetic drug trialKCRGCEDAR RAPIDS — A Cedar Rapids man accused of distributing synthetic drugs from the Fragrance Hut will remain in custody pending a federal trial based on probable trigger and his extended history of criminal o…

Dell'indecisione (ovvero perché detesto il vasistas)

Se c’è una cosa che non sopporto nell’architettura e arredamento d’interni è il vasistas. Il vasistas è quella particolare capacità della finestra di aprirsi non solo verso colui che la apre, ma anche, in seconda istanza, verso l’alto, aprendo un varco all’insù. 330 more words

Origini E Radici

The Heights of Fashion

Almost a year since we arrived in Rwanda and I am more than ever determined to expedite myth-busting surrounding Sub-Saharan Africa if  perceived unfair.  Take the example of fashion – early on us VSO volunteers in spe were advised that Rwanda is a conservative country where women don’t wear short skirts nor do you see men strutting about in shorts. 362 more words


13 Simple Home Remedies for Allergies

If you suffer a lot from allergies, your immune system needs to be blamed. Your immune system is hypersensitive which reacts to usually harmless things present in your environment. 971 more words

hairy styles

we all have leg hair however commercials and advertisements in magazines depict women with already smooth legs

so men are shunned from the reality of what really goes on underneath our maxi skirts and dresses… 246 more words