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Why I will not vote for any party tomorrow (and why you should not too)



I have gotten tired of the same question every day – “Which party are you voting for?”, and I am tired of answering – “I don’t know.” The truth is, I do not know the party. 358 more words

Bob Dole Talks About Starting World War Three

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Former Senate Majority leader, presidential candidate and Republican establishment icon Bob Dole has come out in favor of sending the fascist junta in Ukraine weapons, including tanks. 111 more words


Phong hoa tuyết nguyệt luân hồi chi mộng cảnh chap 1

Hồi 1 :Tuyết hoa chi mộng

Một nụ cười lớn
Một giọt lệ cay
Nhân sinh tất lão
Hoa khai tất tàn
Chân tình ngàn năm đổi một kiếp… 2,607 more words

It’s Time to Protect Our Eyes from Smart Phones, Tablets and Computer Screens

by Dr. Elizabeth Christensen

Digital devices and computers are a part of life – but is there a price? It seems everyone is using a smart phone, a tablet and especially a computer.    574 more words


Titan - 10 Albums to Get You Into Extreme Metal

Hello friends! This is Titan, your resident fashion nerd. I am here writing today to talk about my second of many passions – Heavy Metal. Now, Marbles in a Jar usually has another music writer who covers heavy metal (Ford Blackstone), but as he is out I shall be carrying the torch. 1,740 more words


A Stubborn and Fabricated Dream

The city itself lives on its own myth.  Instead of waking up and silently existing, the city people prefer a stubborn and fabricated dream; they do not care to be a part of the night, or to be merely of the world.  

407 more words