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Playing with your newborn...


I love this! Excellent ways to interact with your child before they’re really old enough to play.


Dummy Patrol

Playing games with Mommy this morning to see how many times she’ll put my dummy back in if I spit it out!

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Noah loves his Natursutten pacifier.

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The Little Details: Charge Your Batteries

Another random tip on impending parenthood. Buy lots of rechargeable batteries and charge them before baby can come home. This includes larger, odder battery types. And keep on top of your supply. 67 more words

The Other Side

New with Noah {Sleeping}

I’ve been teaching Noah how to sleep on his tummy during the day when I can keep an eye on him. My char suggested this as he suffers slightly with tummy cramps/wind after feeds, and sleeping on his tummy helps with this. 87 more words

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Just had my bottle this morning, and in a very calm and happy mood.

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Bouncy Chair

Possibly the greatest invention ever! Here is our little man again at 7 weeks old today :)

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