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Hot weather can bring out the Worst in Everybody

No matter who or what you are on WordPress, we all hate to be hot. We hate to be slugging around in hundred degree heat, gaming in 98 degree heat, or plainly, doing anything in any degree heat. 219 more words


After Ever After 2

I love Paint and I thought this was so cleaver. And since I never trusted people who came from disney, or sea lions. . . :( 22 more words


My problem?

My tablet was taken away from me and that is my only way, seperate from the computer my family shares, to see the world. 141 more words


Felicidade e suas fórmulas

A gente sempre quer ser feliz, mas não se entrega inteiramente a felicidade, ficamos transitando e tropeçando nas amarguras do dia a dia… EU LILINHA OVERDOSE ESCOLHI SER FELIZ… 1,062 more words

Who won't listen to Who

I finished Julius Caesar, and it’s about time too! We were talking about the bad guys and good guys of the story when, yet again a pondering question came to mind. 117 more words


Heroes and Villains

What makes a hero? What makes a villain? What are the differences between the two? What does the hero do to make them “good”? What doesn’t the villain do that makes them ” bad”? 453 more words