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Judi Dench’s M was in the job from 1995 until the present day, making her 77 years old at the time of her decision to do battle with cyberterrorist Javier Bardem using home-made nail bombs and a sawn-off shotgun.

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007 Legends

6 Classic Bond films retold in game form. And not told too well. 1,072 more words


Why Skyfall is the best Bond film

Why is Skyfall so revolutionary for a bond film?

It all comes down to comfort zones, with some films, books, games we have a comfort zone, places where our hero (or us in the case of a game) is safe. 852 more words


Fallon plays 'Goldeneye' with Pierce Brosnan, becomes a Bond villain

When Pierce Brosnan first took on the iconic role of James Bond in 1995’s Goldeneye, he very likely had no idea he was becoming a part of video game history. 142 more words

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Jimmy Fallon Takes On Pierce Brosnan In 'Goldeneye' Video Game

Jimmy Fallon lived a dream on ‘The Tonight Show,’ last night.

Pierce Brosnan, the Irishman, who played 007 in the James Bond franchise, joined Fallon for a game of ‘Goldeneye.’ 40 more words


Solo - William Boyd

Ian Fleming’s final James Bond book – Octopussy and The Living Daylights – was published in 1966, two years after his death. Since then a variety of authors have taken up the 007 mantle, including Kingsley Amis, Sebastian Faulks and Jefferey Deaver. 422 more words