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Guiding the Instructor

This week was dedicated to facilitating the content teacher of our instructional design project. First, we completed an ARCS table (Keller, 1987, p. 2) to elucidate strategies for student motivation: Attention (pique interest), Relevance (engage, build value), Confidence (evoke self efficacy) and Satisfaction (establish equity and consequences). 747 more words


EDTECH 512 Project

For my course project, I designed a math unit to be used in a blended learning environment.  The unit was focused on 6th grade common core state standards dealing with multiplying and dividing fractions.  106 more words

1.1 Instructional Systems Design

Music to My Ears

It is 8:30 AM. The bell rings and twenty two fourth grade students begin filing into their classroom. Outside the classroom, in the hall, it is noisy. 760 more words

Standard 1: Design

EDTECH 503: Project Update

This week, we completed and clarified the course outcomes and Bloom’s classification on my ID project.

Teaching with Camtasia

Learning Goal: Upon completion of this 10-hour course, learners will be able to create, record and share their own online instructional presentation using Camtasia and post it in their courses. 345 more words


Social Networks and Walled Gardens VoiceThread

In this reflection, I discuss many reasons why schools and learning institutions should open up the walled gardens and unblock access to social media within their settings. 82 more words


Relative Advantage of Using Multimedia in Education

Educators are increasingly implementing multimedia technology into their daily classrooms. In this assignment, I have created a video blog (Vlog) about some of the important advantages of multimedia technology in education. 42 more words


EdTech 503: Concept Map


In this assignment, students were asked to create a concept map that matched the elements of four instructional design models to the major phases of the ADDIE Model.  255 more words

2.3 Computer-Based Technologies