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Deck Simulator for Hearthstone V1.1 released!

I’m very happy to announce V1.1 of Deck Simulator for Hearthstone has been approved by Apple and is currently available on iTunes as an iPad app. 221 more words


7th Grade Homework

Homework and Practice 1.1 and sign up for Khan Academy.

7th Grade

Nine-Nine {1.1: Exploration, 1.2: Exploration to Proof}

Definitions: closed under addition – a set that follows the property, adding two numbers in the set works

closed under subtraction - if the difference of the two of numbers in the set works… 492 more words


A First Look at Google Glasses

I am working with some other CPM instructors on a study about questioning.  I won’t get into the specifics of the study, other than to say that questioning not only provides differentiation in your instruction but it also creates relationships with your students. 399 more words


First post! {1.1: Exploration}

Explore SubDivvy: Even and odd numbers will make a difference. Number of players will change the game.

GYHD: I played the game by myself starting with 6 and trying each possibility. 59 more words


MUET, Personal Tutoring, Corporate English....

Hello! I graduated from New York University, and have a TESOL Cert. from Canada. My name is Mohd Shukri 41 more words