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3rd abl blog

The card game -merit
Two of the factors that affected me during the card game were my fitness and the weather
In the card game we had to run to a card on the ground pick it up and if I was our number we went to the end we did this until the whole team was done.one of the factors that affected my performance le during the game was my fitness, when ever we picked up the wrong card we had to run back to the start so it really tired me out pretty quickly so it was a lot harder for me.another factor that affected my performance was the weather the day we played that game I had just rained and it was very close to 100 percent humidity (i googled it because it was hot) the heat made me feel like I was working harder than I was. 16 more words


2nd abl blog

Blind game achieved
Two of the factors that affected my performance during the blind game were not being able to see and the other distractions (other peoples voices) 89 more words


Abl blog

Leaky pipes -merit

Today we did the leaky pipes game, two of the factors that hindered me were the cold water and enjoyment.
Enjoyment affect my performance because I wanted to do the game and I found it interesting.i like team building games and the people around me made it a lot better as well. 81 more words



athletics last week was the final testing the events i did were: 400, 100, long jump, discuss and javelin some factors effecting my performance are… 145 more words


Athletics Final week

This week we took our 5 best events and did our final scores that will be used for marking. When we got our final scores we had to figure out how much points we got then total them up for our final mark. 176 more words


Leg work out

We were in the weights room and were doing work outs on our legs using different machines.

It was a challenge because some machines were really hard and hurt so I was pushing myself to do really good. 111 more words


Weights room

The class participated in doing work outs in the orewa college school gym. Using the given equipment and machines. We had to do so many sets and so many reps. 257 more words