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Women Leaders? Stacking up the Position Papers

Today I want to stack up theologians’ differing viewpoints on the role of women in the church. If you want to make an informed decision about this subject, it is important to “join the conversation.”  You do not craft your own theology in a vacuum; you are part of God’s family and need to understand what your siblings are thinking. 2,179 more words

Women Leaders?

Women Leaders? Locate the Movers and the Shakers

Today I will provide a list of theologians leading the conversation on women’s roles in ministry. Can women be leaders in the Church? In what capacity? 1,350 more words

Women Leaders?

Women Leaders? Find the Tension

In this series we are addressing the issue of women in church leadership. In the first blog, I mentioned several things to consider when approaching this topic. 998 more words

Women Leaders?

Women Leaders? First Post: Things to Remember

On June 22, 2014, Kate Kelly was excommunicated from the Mormon Church. Why? She is promoting a movement to provide women equality and ordination to the priesthood in the Mormon Church. 1,169 more words

Women Leaders?

Sunday, June 22, 2014: "Service or Circus?" 1 Timothy 2

Is the idea of Christian freedom at odds with planning and organization? This week touches on that topic as we look at Paul’s instructions to the young Timothy. 125 more words