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Thought For The Day, Radio Scotland, 9 April 2014 MH370

Faint, intermittent pings from the abyssal darkness; candles lit in vigil in the Malaysian darkness; the imagery is compelling. After all this time, we still don’t know the fate of Malaysia Airlines flight MH Three Seven Zero.  322 more words

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BBC Scotland Thought For The Day 4 3 2014: Facts, and the Storying of Truth.

I’m a plot-spoiler. I never mean to: watching television with the family, I suddenly realize that I’ve seen this one before. “Oh yes, this is the one where…” or “Of course, they do get together at the end…” or “The butler did it…” Cushions are thrown: “What’s the point of watching it now?” 303 more words

1) UCB Sermons