Tags » 100 Best SF Novels

Make Room! Make Room! - Harry Harrison (1966)

‘It is 1999 and the planet’s population has exploded. The 35 million inhabitants of New York City run their TVs off pedal power, riot for water, loot and trample for lentil ‘steaks’ and are controlled by sinister barbed wire dropped from the sky. 596 more words


Way Station - Clifford D Simak (1963)

‘Enoch Wallace survived Gettysburg and lived through the rest of the Civil War to make it home to his parents’ farm in Wisconsin. But his mother was already dead and his father soon joined her in the tiny family cemetery. 660 more words


The Demolished Man - Alfred Bester (1953)

‘It’s lucky for the world I’m willing to stop at one murder. Together we could rape the universe’

Ben Reich, head of Monarch Utilities and resources, risks everything in a last-ditch take-over bid for the massive D’Courtney Cartel. 836 more words


Crash - JG Ballard (1973)

A poetic if depressing view of our social evolution in the Twentieth century.
After an automobile accident the victim – a director of TV commercials – finds himself increasingly drawn to Dr Robert Vaughan, a man who calls himself a TV scientist, who haunts the sites of accidents like a vulture, taking photographs and making films of the aftermath and the wreckage. 361 more words