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152 Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary Woodhouse is a total dimwit. Which makes her the perfect mother to Satan’s spawn.

Honestly. What woman in her right mind, no matter if she existed in the 1960s: 116 more words

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151 The Armies of the Night

“No, the difficulty is that the history is interior—no documents can give sufficient intimation; the novel must replace history at precisely that point where experience is sufficiently emotional, spiritual, psychical, moral, existential, or supernatural to expose the fact that the historian in pursuing the experience would be obliged to quit the clearly demarcated limits of historic inquiry.

230 more words
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Let's eat, Grandma.

Long time no see…

When I started the blog, I knew that I could struggle, and write about what in the world I was thinking when I took off on such journey. 279 more words


Review: Naked.

“The experience left her with a certain haunted quality I very much admired. She’d looked into the face of something horrible, and I wanted to know what that felt like.” 569 more words

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My 100 Books (In the Making)

Hiya Ladies and Gents,

This post is simply a list of the books I have read (and am reading) during the 100 Book Challenge and the time it took me to read them. 56 more words

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Book 3: "Horses in Her Hair" By Rachel Manley

Ladies and gents,

I’ve moved on to Book 3.

Yay!! (Took me long enough)

Title: Horses in Her Hair: A Granddaughter’s Story
Author: Rachel Manley… 136 more words

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Discussion of Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility"

Ladies and gents before I go any further I MUST apologise for my prolonged absence.

No, it was not intentional.
No, I really did not intend to only write another blog post after I finished  1,229 more words

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