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163 Humble Pie

Lying is the biggest sin you can commit in a kitchen. Working with someone who lies to you is worse than working with someone who can’t cook.

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162 Teacher Man

This is where teacher turns serious and asks the Big Question: What is education, anyway? What are we doing in this school? You can say we’re trying to graduate so that you can go to college and prepare for a career.

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#25 books

 10. Read 25 books of

‘Amazon’s 100 books to Read in a Lifetime’

1. 1962 Silent Spring Rachel Carson✔︎
2. 2000 Me Talk Pretty One Day David Sedaris… 182 more words

Book Two: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

I have never been one to read only one book at a time.  I usually have at least two, often three books going at once.  While I have been fairly dedicated to getting through Shogun lately I have been thumbing through a few other volumes that I keep by my reading chair.  894 more words


161 Without Feathers

If I were into printing t-shirts, I would easily create a line featuring Woody Allen. His “Without Feathers” alone is already a treasure trove of outrageous quips that would make for catchy ridiculous funny prints. 124 more words

100 Books

1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams (100 book challenge)

On Thursday 5th May 1999, I dressed in a long white robe and a fake golden beard, put a home-made halo on my head, and went with my venturer scout group to ‘Science at the Pub – a night with Douglas Adams’. 858 more words

160 To Know A Woman

“To Know A Woman” is an asylum. Amos Oz peoples it with the most peculiar of inmates. From Yoel to Netta to Ivria to the Vermont Siblings to the Agent to Adobe. 153 more words

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