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165 Practical Magic

Like most of us ordinary mortals, witches have problems too. Practical problems like falling in love with murderous men, or men who are nice but doomed to die just because. 113 more words

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No Rules, Just Right

I had once gotten it into my head that I wanted to be a Benedictine Oblate.  I felt this after being swept up by the romance of Kathleen Norris’ The Cloister Walk.  672 more words


Tripping Along "The Artist's Way"

The Artist’s Way, while it contains some gems, is an overall disappointment.  I’ve started it several times and it took me this fourth time to get all the way through.  986 more words


164 The Justification of Johann Gutenberg

Print is better that way, because self-effacing. It makes the script undistinctive. It takes all ‘character’ out of the characters. It is oblivious, as no man’s hand can ever be.

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Early Literacy Kits Are Now Available!

Wouldn’t it be great if an early childhood learning specialist assembled a collection of books just for your young child?  What if all the titles in the collection were on an important development topic, included an adult resource book with suggestions for activities to explore that topic and even contained a related educational game to play together?   246 more words


163 Humble Pie

Lying is the biggest sin you can commit in a kitchen. Working with someone who lies to you is worse than working with someone who can’t cook.

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162 Teacher Man

This is where teacher turns serious and asks the Big Question: What is education, anyway? What are we doing in this school? You can say we’re trying to graduate so that you can go to college and prepare for a career.

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