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Photos: Pets

Assignment #15: Pets (here are the photos!)

The project this time was to take a picture (or create some art) of one of your furry or feathered friends. 93 more words


The Parts That Work

I caught myself in a self-sabotage this morning.

Over the past few days I have lucked into a routine that working. As a girl who requires a lot of sleep (!), and being someone who routinely finds herself trying to function on… 826 more words


"i reminded myself of all the good"

from my inbox:

Alicia (day 68):  … I was tired beyond belief, and i started torturing myself with doubt, with logistical questions about HOW it will all go (not one of these questions needs to be answered now, or even for a few months, or maybe even ever), and IF i was really good enough, and WHO did i think i was taking this on and etc etc etc. 299 more words


Yellow Flowers for a Treat

Thanks to the Tiny Gift Button

Used some tiny gift money to get myself some flowers this morning.
Slept 10 hrs last night (!), went for a small run, then got these flowers at the… 47 more words


100 Day Challenge celebrates ...

Exactly one year ago today the 100 Day Sober Challenge was born on this site.  March 14, 2013. Holy long time batman. Since then I’ve emailed — at least once — 908 people. 524 more words


"Johnny's Camaro" by David Wilcox (for Laura)

Man, she didn’t know she could jump that high.
Ah, but she does now.

Johnny’s Camaro” by David Wilcox

* Congrats Laura! “How you get up there?” ;)


Random day 34 post

Had a few of those moments recently where I’ve decided against popping to see a friend because Wolfie barks at me and I feel inadequate being sobriety’s role model in a drinking situation. 275 more words