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There are 3 ways to gain wisdom: reflection, the noblest; imitation, the easiest; and experience, the bitterest.

Getting slapped upside the head isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when talking about what makes you happy. When asked what makes you smile, no one ever mentions liking that feeling in your stomach that is reminiscent of a punch in the gut. 270 more words


One good thing about music: when it hits you, you feel no pain.

The heavy rain was followed by a splash of sunshine and I went outside to work on some homework and take advantage of the nice weather — between the water falling from the sky and the water in the air that makes it hard to breathe, a nice day has been few and far between. 25 more words


Day 99: Dinner at Paul's

I had a really nice, relaxing afternoon at my brother’s house. My poor niece was actually quite upset near the beginning of our visit because she’s teething, but soon she was her happy, silly self again. 62 more words



Day 51: Sakae Sushi

My friend and I decided to explore the new mall opened in KL Central – Nu Sentral. Since it is fairly new, many stores have yet to open. 212 more words


Happy Days 98-100

Day 100 – Beautiful stormy sky over Carlyon Bay

Day 99 – More Hydrangeas,

Day 98 – Hydrangea,


008 - Hundred.

I recently completed the 100 Happy Days challenge. If you haven’t heard of it, pop it into Google, and plenty of information comes up.

It was a strange experience. 407 more words

Beautiful Saturday

100 Happy Days – Day 17
Manchester United didn’t win!!  

Just dealing with general anxiety today.  Like I get a little nervous when I check my email – fear that I got something from my uncle about the hearing.   98 more words

100 Happy Days