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Day 48 of #100HappyDays

As you can tell from my post ‘Education Rant’, I have not had the best news today.

But I did get to pick up my birthday present from my mam (and partly my mam-in-law, due to her birthday voucher), from Next today. And it’s cosy…


Day 65

Thanksgiving preparations are under way so I gotta keep this short. I’m happy that it’s a long weekend (duh) and that I get to spend (way too much) time with a lot of my favorite people.

100 Happy Days

#Day 78- On Thoughtful Thursday

When I take a sip of my coffee, I came through this in an article! Something about Lord Shiva. :) #incrediblestatues
India is home to some of the tallest statues in the world and in progress to built world’s tallest statue as well. 99 more words


Day 26: Real Friendship

Once again, I am late. I’m back on the, not-doing-anything-slump, so again, how do I find happiness in that? But, yes, I am still trying hard to look for that small ray, and I found it last night in the form of Irah. 433 more words

100 Happy Days

7/100 happy days człowieka odczuwającego depresję

Myślę, że top5 najszczęśliwszych rzeczy to pasja, a kto wie – może i wyżej;).  U mnie od zawsze była to muzyka i literatura, gdzie tym pierwszym zajmowałem się trochę bardziej czynnie. 14 more words


Day 47 of #100HappyDays

It’s been raining. A miserable day. The only time we left the house was to go grocery shopping when the bf got off his commuter train. 10 more words


Day 111 - Over App

I downloaded a free app that lets me put cool writing (I think it’s cool) over my pictures, so amongst a day of other lovely things, guys also made me happy! 8 more words

100 Happy Days