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  • I’m really working on getting my mileage back up. ¬†Last week I ran 13 miles Monday, 6 on Wednesday, 8 Saturday, and 6 Sunday for a total of 33 miles. ¬†
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Super Size It With Guest, Dr. Allen Kinsler

Ultrarunner, Dr. Allen Kinsler joins us today to discuss his work with low income and homeless populations and the issues of obesity in the US. Seems like rich folks are gaining weight just as fast, maybe faster, but is it for different reasons? 579 more words


Pistol 100 Miler

1st Female, Second overall. New CR of 16:24.

Summary: I took a few huge risks and ran with reckless abandonment. And guess what-
It paid off!!! 1,279 more words

Trail Erotica? Garage Sales, Ultrarunning in 2015 (and 2025)

Got 90 minutes to waste? Then you’re in for a treat with this show. We cover a wide range of topics and somehow tie them all together in a cohesive orb, sort of like a rubberband (or gumband for you Pittsburg folks) ball. 27 more words


What have I gotten myself into?!?!

Soooo. I should be sleeping but am currently too excited to sleep. Well that might be a little over dramatic… But I do kind of feel like a rock star… So I felt like writing a quick update. 275 more words

Mile 0: If some is good, more is better

Oh shit.

I forgot to register for Ice Age.

The thought hit me as I climbed into bed on an otherwise unremarkable Sunday in mid-December. Bedtime aborted, I hurried to my computer, hoping that the prior year reports of a 3 hour sellout had been wildly exaggerated. 301 more words

New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year!

The new year is a fresh start and traditionally a time to set new goals for yourself. We all have high hopes for ourselves, but come February, most of our resolutions will be thrown out the window. 976 more words