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Is This What Owls Feel Like? Running 100 Miles GETS REAL. (Lake Martin 100, Part 2/4)

Cut to me at mile 50.  It’s 7:02 P.M.  The sun has already put on its pajamas and gone to bed.  It’s dark and getting darker, and the course is getting lonelier by the minute. 753 more words


Like Walking in Space: Eating at Wendy's After Running 100 Miles (Lake Martin 100, Part 1 of 4)

By now you already know that I finished.  So let’s cut to me, folded in half, leaning on a railing inside a Wendy’s in Alexander City, Alabama. 470 more words


100th mile!

Today I got two walks in for two miles one at work and the other when we got home. We had a small meltdown from the four year old on our mile back to the house but it was wonderful knowing I did it. 125 more words

Weight Loss

Round numbers and cycling 100 miles

Riding 100 miles is quite a feat. That’s why the metric century was invented for those of you who don’t really, really love cycling. You can’t fool us Brits with this made up kilometre of yours, even if you can add 100 of them together. 1,808 more words



the thing I really like about endurance training or any cardio I guess is the easily measurable achievement. last week  could run this far no I can run this far is a clear method of seeing how far you have come. 298 more words

The Pistol Vendetta

It was cold in Alcoa, Tennessee that January day. Really cold for a Georgia girl; fourteen degrees to be exact. I was bundled up tightly in my heavy WeatherEdge jacket, old thermal gloves, and layers of sweats, but nothing could ease the bite of the windchill. 3,509 more words


100 lonely miles of fun

Last summer, full of the enthusiasm of making it to Switzerland in one (drugged up, painful, and euphoric) piece, I thought it would be a great idea if Team Pedal all entered into the… 332 more words