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Where Can You Buy Grade B Maple Syrup?

Most of us love the sweet and sticky flavor or Maple Syrup. It has been produced for years from the sap from Maple trees. There are different types and grades of maple syrup. 23 more words


100 Word Story: "Open Your Eyes"

“Close your eyes and count to ten.”

She obliged willingly, her eyes drooping close. She didn’t like this game. But when it was with him, she’d do everything. 78 more words

100 Word Story: "Clementine"

She kept searching for a permanent light in a room full of blinking ones. Every single one touches her but they are fleeting. One minute they’re here and then the next they’re gone. 72 more words

Carjacked Car Runs Over and Kills 3 Kids, Critically Injures Mother

A massive $100,000 manhunt is underway for two men in Philadelphia after a stolen SUV loses control and slams into a family of five who were working a fruit cart, running them all over and killing three of the children. 313 more words

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UkChat.com Launches Brand New 100% Free Video/Text Chat Rooms for People From the UK to Make New Friends

(PRWEB) July 16, 2012
UkChat.com has just launched and is an exciting and friendly place where people can meet new friends from within the UK. UkChat.com provide chat rooms for people from the UK. 17 more words

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100,000 Amps Breakthrough: Highest Electrical Current Achieved In Japan - 28 July 2014

Japanese scientists have managed to achieve an electrical current of 100,000 amperes – by far the highest to be generated in the world – with cutting edge technology of stacking special tapes. 97 more words


What Will Books Be Like in 100 Years?

Do you really expect there to be hardback, paperback, or leatherback books in the future? I’m seriously asking you. Is there a possibility that the traditional books we know today will be retired completely? 357 more words