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Happy Things

Friends getting married.

Lilacs in July.

The epic adventures of my husband.

Chubby running buddies.

Making sunshine.

brilliant baby smiles.

Summer sweetness.

Easy food in the freezer. 12 more words

The Catch-all Category

1,000 Gifts (551-575)

551. Securing the first Mercy Ships discount at a restaurant in Benin and becoming friends with the owners

552. Running the rough drafts of my comedic essays by Lisa… 302 more words

1000 Gifts

monday gifts

Thankful for… 

smores overdose.

discovering awesome local shops with Val + coffee + lunch + lots of talking.

love & humility.

the beauty of an old house. 17 more words


It's The Little Things by Emily Lewin

It’s the little things that bring us back to the reality of who we are and what we are doing. Recently I was in the window seat of a plane, flying home from Denver to New York, and we flew right through the sunset. 271 more words

Bright Ideas

#blessed (no.3)

I am working to create a list of 1000 things I am thankful for.  I want to be more aware of all the little and big things in my life. 106 more words


monday gifts

Thankful for… 

getting to be around wheat harvest again.

safe travels. And a few misadventures that ultimately turned out fine.

getting to play with some of my favorite little guys! 202 more words


1,000 Gifts (526-550)

526. That persistence and a smile can make a very strong point

527. Philip’s willingness to drive all over town so I could find the ridiculously specific folder that the MoFA requested… 254 more words

1000 Gifts