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Thankful Tuesday

  1. Tuesday is my Friday!
  2. freshly painted toe nails
  3. tomorrow is not a squat day (because my legs are killing me today)
  4. my foam roller, even though it feels like torture on days like today…
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monday gifts

Thankful for… 

friends who bring me ice cream after a hard day of caregiving.

a “how are you, dear?” from a sweet walmart employee, making me think of Jamaica, where it’s hard to tell the difference between friends & strangers. 133 more words


1,000 Gifts (226-250)

226. A window to watch rainstorms, sunrises and ships from

227. Daises and tulips from sweet friends

228. A good friend was with me when I heard the news about… 279 more words

1000 Gifts

Thankful Thursday - April 17, 2014

1553. A nice walk in the sunshine

1554. Hearing peepers when I went to a meeting

1555. Chinese food when I feel scattered and frazzled and my husband “saves me” from making dinner :) – a birthday treat an evening early… 260 more words


Left Behind

They were like peas and carrots–Forrest and Jenny.

Actually, Forrest lived and breathed Jenny.  Even in the early years, Forrest stood by her side through thick and thin because Jenny was his friend, and friends stuck together. 1,035 more words

The Joy Dare - March 2014

178.  Evan read a whole book to me this afternoon!
179. We got to throw a baby shower for a good friend and her brand new little girl. 912 more words


monday gifts

Thankful for… 

the best kind of Sunday afternoon.

celebratory Dr. Pepper after doing my first photo shoots. I took graduation pictures for my cousins. Not something I know how to do! 90 more words