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I'm back.

So I’ve been a bit absent lately, for no reason. But I’m back now.
My 100days ends on the 30th, and I have after this drawing I believe 32 drawings to do by then. 36 more words

100 days of my dog. Day 54

I went into town this morning, while mum was at worked to pick up prescriptions. However as I was wondering around the town I went into pound land and found the perfect object to stick to Pepsi coat this Halloween…. 39 more words


Day 50! Day 50! Day 50!

So here it is, 50 days into my challenge of discussing all things stroke for 100 days. 50% done, and so much more to cover! The focus of this blog for the most part is to enlighten you 20-30-40somethings that STROKES happen! 226 more words

#100Days Photo 28: Chao Phraya River and the Bhumibol Bridge, Bangkok, Thailand

The Me Nam Chao Phraya is a major river in Thailand, even referred to as the River of Kings. On my second day in Bangkok, during my… 244 more words

Activities And Itineraries

A chink in the armor, not all stroke symptoms are text book...

When I first started making my return to the world, I experienced questions that at first, annoyed me.

“Why isn’t your leg dragging?”

“Why is your face symmetrical?” 238 more words

100 days of my dog. Day 52

Morning all,

I heard Pepsi isn’t eating today or last night…. which isn’t good but it only turns out that she no longer wants her food, but is quite happy to eat the cats food. 55 more words


Day 73

The last few weeks have been more than I have been able to cope with. This weekend and this morning things came to an impasse and I chose self preservation over relationship. 422 more words