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Shaapia dya 51: Or, Aphasia, Day 15.

When I try to explain my stroke to twenty somethings who might understand, I explain it as the drunkest you’ve ever been with memory…. Slurred speech, balance issues, lack of understanding, headache, nausea, tiredness, double vision… But, unlike being drunk, Dennys, Gatorade and multivitamin won’t make this go away… sometimes there are lasting effects. 143 more words

Day Ninety Seven

Egg hunting out in the field as the hens have all suddenly stopped laying so I figure they must be stashing them elsewhere.

Anyway, the back of my house is pretty. 25 more words


100 days of my dog. Day 19

So Pepsi was a little hero today for one tiny mouse, except it was all in vain sadly. Our cat hasn’t been eating her food and I have found out why… she has been catching and eating small rodents. 164 more words


A Vertebruuuur, what?

So here I am 13 Days into my 100 days of stroke facts and I saved today for a stroke risk called a Vertebral Artery Dissection, (ver-tee-bruhl) I met with a neurologist this morning since this is what caused my strokes 12 weeks ago. 630 more words


Tonights wee sketch, I wish I had water paper to do this on, would look awesome with some colour behind it. Think I will work some photoshop magic on it later to add in some watercolour. 6 more words

100 Days Countdown for our 365 Roller Coaster Ride called LOVE

Since I am on an idle moment right now, not because there’s no work load it’s just I can’t really focus on work because of some technical issues in our AC here in the building. 377 more words


Day Ninety Five

It’s the little things, the really little things, that hide under their mum.

T calls him/her “yugget”. It’ll probably stick.