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A Challenge for Everyone

How many of us stress over the bad things that happen to us, and lose focus of all the good things?  I know I do.  Each of our days is filled with little things that put a smile on our face, give us a sense of calm, and simply make us happy. 343 more words


Day Something

I have been trying to write a post for days now. I’m struggling to stay happy, to take care of me, to stay on top of work and the details of my life. 329 more words


Day 59 - a blur of work

A day spent trying to catch up the backlog. I was not successful. It feels impossible.

I had a piece of chicken and took my meds once, no, twice. 158 more words


Day 60 - Sunday


Down another pound, 97.0 today. Only one meal a day since Friday. I have been thinking about cutting my wrists and I look at how thin they are and how easy it would be to use a razor knife. 266 more words


100 days of my dog. Day 62

So Pepsi was a huge hit last night, in her halloween costume… everywhere we went little kids ran up to her and stroked the spider dog. 92 more words


Day 64 - Insight

Wednesday I felt unwell. Every time I had something to eat, I felt nauseous. I had trouble focusing. I laid down several times for a nap. 1,541 more words


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I view social media as a great way to connect, however, I also believe people may use social media as a means for reassurance and acceptance. 96 more words