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I have a Gene that does what?


            Have you every though on why your body grows and functions the way it does? You are probably thinking it has to do with DNA. DNA is the brain of your cells and the blueprint for how your body grows, but where do you get those blueprints from? 1,306 more words

My Customer Experience at Microsoft

By Rich Woods

Admittedly, I haven’t had the best luck with Nokia phones. My first Windows Phone was a Lumia 920 and it had a faulty battery. 949 more words

Pizzeria Mari'

With its no frills décor, this place is reminiscent of the very popular Pizzeria Spontini, I once visited while on holiday in Milan. It evokes an authentic Italian atmosphere where your main focus is on the food and the very audible conversations of your neighbours. 349 more words


Smartphone's alternate power source

If you think that on an Emergency you need to have someway to back up your mobile, then I’d recommend you to buy something like the below products:  323 more words

Tips N Tricks

Stunning images of Rio de Janeiro from Lumia

Hi Guys,

See this below link, read it and most importantly there are two videos that you shouldn’t miss watching.


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