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1020 Session One: Welcome to Class 8/28/2014

Welcome To The Class!

On Tap Tonight:

Cards of Chaos! On the notecards, provide the following info:

Name (and preferred title)


major/career path

hometown… 128 more words


1020 Session Two: Writer Identity and Community 9/2/2014


  • Wiki problems?
  • Syllabus questions?
  • Project Questions?

Today’s agenda:

  • What do we know about what writing and rhetoric?
  • What do we understand about various genres of writing?;
  • 105 more words

Has Nokia Started a Trend in Smart Phone Cameras?

By Rich W Woods

If you are old enough, you remember the days before phones had a color display and batteries lasted for weeks. Then came the color displays which was almost immediately followed by cameras in our flip phones. 648 more words

First Visiting Friend

My friend Travis and I are planning our lives around each other. Once, I took a quiz titled, “Which of your Facebook friends should you marry?,” and it told me I should marry Travis. 558 more words


Amazon Fire Phone: User Review

By Rich W Woods

The Amazon Fire Phone is the most well designed first generation phone I have ever seen. It is really something that you would expect to come out of Apple. 1,854 more words

Lucky Hans

When Grant’s trips are coming to an end and it’s time for him to hop back on the dreaded dissertation train, things aren’t too cheery. Getting a PhD is a huge accomplishment and I can not be more proud of him but I am ready for this to be over!  330 more words


Amazon Fire Phone: The Price

By Rich W Woods

When we were speculating that Amazon would release a phone, we thought it would be a cool phone and that it would be cheap. 685 more words