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Producing RSS from PL/SQL

First things first. The idea and the bulk of the code for this post are not mine, they are Sean Dillon’s. It’s a very cool idea that he came up with and it still works flawlessly… 958 more words


Free Demo I: Oracle ADF 11g Training: Tuesday, November 25 at 08:00 AM India Time

S&M Consultants is pleased to invite you to join the upcoming Online Session for Oracle ADF Training.

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Data Access

Oracle uses several means to control data access and the best way is to assign privileges and roles to users. You can assign individual privileges to users but this can become overwhelming when you have many users, this is were roles comes in to play as privileges can be assigned to the role then the role assigned to the user. 1,083 more words


Triggers in Oracle

Triggers are PL/SQL code that gets automatically fired on a specified event, they can call functions or procedures. You can implement triggers in either PL/SQL or Java, however you cannot call a trigger directly. 2,887 more words


Using Views in Oracle

A view is a virtual table consisting of a stored query, it contains no data. A view does not exist, basically its a definition defined within the data dictionary, lots of the DBA_ are views. 1,181 more words


Integrity Constraints

Oracle enforces important business rules via constraints, for instance all employees must have a national insurance number and a manager to report to, they force data to conform to certain rules. 866 more words


Oracle Tables

A table consists of rows and columns and corresponds to a single record. When creating a table you give it a name and define the columns that belong to it. 4,830 more words