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NBA Rumors: Compiling Latest Buzz on Ray Allen, Potential Kevin Love Deal, More

As it should be, The King is in control.

July 11, when LeBron James returned to Cleveland, was just the beginning. He was the top domino that allowed jesters in his court to finally find new homes, but his Decision II also ensured he’d still be the dominant force influencing the league. 1,013 more words

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Michael Jordan's Final Contract with Chicago Bulls Up for Auction

In the world of sports memorabilia, finding a Michael Jordan collectible is like the holy grail. You can imagine what people would do to get anything with his name and signature attached, let alone the last contract he signed with the Chicago Bulls prior to the 1997-98 season. 350 more words

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Kevin Love Trade Rumors: Latest NBA Buzz from Chicago and Cleveland

The most talked-about name on the trade block this offseason has been Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love, and the rumors are picking up steam as teams gear up to make the blockbuster deal. 762 more words

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Kings GM Pete D'Alessandro Talks Summer League, DeMarcus Cousins, Team Future

For a franchise starving for success, the Kings and their fans had reason to smile after Sacramento won the NBA Summer League championship on Monday night in Las Vegas. 1,813 more words

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NBA Trade Rumors: Analyzing Pros and Cons of Each Reported Kevin Love Offer

Hello, friend. Would you like another article discussing Kevin Love without a significant update on when or where he might be traded? Well, I’ve got the piece to satiate the obviously barren wasteland that is the Love rumor mill. 2,406 more words

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6 Most Puzzling Signings During 2014 NBA Free-Agency Period

Let’s get weird.

The NBA‘s offseason has been all kinds of weird, after all.

Some free-agency transactions have made loads of sense. There isn’t a soul out there questioning the Cleveland Cavaliers bringing LeBron James back or the Miami Heat’s decision to fill (part of) the hole King James left with… 104 more words

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Chandler Parsons Really, Really Loves Mark Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki

The cynics out there might say Chandler Parsons had about 46 million reasons to sign the Dallas Mavericks‘ offer sheet this summer, but to hear the small forward tell it, the two most persuasive factors had nothing to do with money. 540 more words

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