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Doing a Personal Inventory - Who are you hurting by not making a change?

A few years ago I posted a blog correlating my healing process with a 12 step program similar to the 12 steps for Alcoholics Anonymous. I received quite a few positive responses at the time about how it helped others to have this simple direction that has proven successful for over 80 years. 1,086 more words


SkepSun #100 (07_20_2014)

On Freethought Radio, Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor celebrate the 166th anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention called by agnostic Elizabeth Cady Stanton, then talk with newsmaker and freethought activist Dan Courtney, a Lifetime FFRF Member, who just became the first atheist to give an invocation in Greece, N.Y. 87 more words

Thoughts On A Higher Power

When we first came to recovery we already had a Higher Power.  We worshiped it, followed its every command, and spent many hours a day in its service.   343 more words



If I’m the only one who benefits, it’s probably not God’s will.
~ Anonymous



Sometimes you don’t get to pick the starting place, you just get to pick which way you step. ~ Debora Geary


Time to Become a Demolition Expert

We’re fascinated by destruction that is intentional? Wonder what I’m talking about? Every news station shows when old buildings, stadiums, and hotels are imploded using massive amounts of explosives. 529 more words

Coping With Chronic Illness

Are You Trying To Microwave Your Recovery?

“…If we focus on the outcome we miss the process, and that’s where the good stuff actually happens. Doing the work and absorbing it is where the benefits lie: in the subtle improvements in the way we think, the mended relationships, the ability to better deal with stressors and much more. 23 more words