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lost in the concept.

I went back and read my last couple of postings and noticed that I’m becoming way too metaphysical. Could over-thinking things be just as damaging as under working things? 224 more words

The Twelve Steps

Drug Through the Mud

His father cooked meth for a motorcycle gang, suffered a brain aneurysm because of the toxic chemicals, and ended up in a coma. Our resident was eight-years-old when his father became a vegetable, and one day while going through his father’s belongings he came across a briefcase containing a giant bag of lemon candy. 1,005 more words


Addiction in the Workplace

The analogy of a duck on a pond is a great illustration of how an active addict/alcoholic functions in the workplace.  Imagine if you will, a beautiful duck gliding gracefully along the surface of a pond. 506 more words



I’m here~ I’m alive & sober! 318 days but who has time to count? Thank goodness for my 12 Step Companion App to keep track~ 394 more words


The Wisdom of Ordinary Schmucks

Today, Thursday the 29th, I have 20 years clean and sober. Woot!

Here’s a journal entry I wrote 20 years ago after my first AA meeting: 1,105 more words


Before the first step

There are plenty of problem drinking tests and check-lists available. A google for “Alcoholism signs” will land you hundreds of different lists.

Are you an alcoholic? 106 more words

How Lucky We Are...

I was reminded this week that we are the lucky ones.  We who work for recovery, to get well and stay well… we are the miracles that are often hidden.   603 more words