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10-1-14 Sobriety, blogging and my third cup.

So the fall breeze settles in like a jump shooter finding his rhythm on the court. Well, not really. Its still pretty hot and humid outside. 86 more words


Step 9

Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

The twelve step program is a powerful spiritual journey of discovery, change, and recovery for those suffering from any form of addiction.  534 more words

Self Improvement

Discarded Weaves & Old Crullers

I figured today, keep it tame, no ads directing my thoughts, wanted something though to challenge me a little bit, come up with this, the “rubber throat bag.” This can only end badly, I know it, but I figure, it can’t be what I am thinking, because that’s why God made ice  cream no? 698 more words


Succubus Love & Jaded Chivalry

I don’t know what to say some days, but I guess I am flattered. Somehow the words come out, even when forced I know that the work in progress is way better than that other guy, the one I pretended was bulletproof, that was above everyone even though I crawled through the sewers. 943 more words


My Name Is Paul And I Am An Alcoholic, Step 9

One Thursday each month I will share a post on one of the 12 Steps. This month is Step 9. Recovery is an area of life that 12 Step groups have done amazing work with, yet many churches (and other community groups) struggle with what to do. 1,080 more words


the all-seeing, all-knowing boozini!

This is why I had a huge ego:  I was always right.  I could predict exactly how everything would turn out, every single time.  And whether or not I actively participated in forging the outcome, I’d bend the results to fit my original thesis, keeping my streak of being 100% correct alive and well.   230 more words

The Twelve Steps

Trusting the Process

My plans never go according to what I think should happen.  Heaven knows, I am a control freak and I have this idea of how everything is supposed to be.   484 more words