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Guess what? Ya gotta feel!

I learned how to shut down at a very young age. Twelve to be exact and as I got older, it got easier. I lived in a world where I didn’t show feelings, I felt that showing feelings meant I was weak and WEAK was something I would never allow myself to be. 1,013 more words

12 Steps

Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

After a couple months of allowing my hectic schedule to keep me from my Steps meetings, it sure was nice to recently regroup and reground myself with my Homegroup. 444 more words

12 Steps

Cultivating compassion

So..today.  A very mild November day.  Here’s the money check in:  Today I had 19.00$ to spend.  stamps:  $9.80;  parking $1.50; $6.00 snack, 2 large unsweetened ice teas; $1.00 to a homeless man.   684 more words


The Quest #10: The Closing Chapter, First and Last Words


If you are interested in the story of the Chilkoot Trail and the Klondike Gold Rush this link is a great place to begin- 232 more words

The Quest

i love realizing i’m wrong.

That’s what I’m telling myself this morning.  Nothing specific has happened, and I didn’t intentionally or unintentionally do something that requires fixes or apologies.  I’m trying to objectively assess exactly when and where my mind is lying to me. 278 more words

The Twelve Steps

A busy Sunday.

I am not used to busy Sundays.

But this was an exception.

Woke up feeling confident . Not necessarily of running a good half marathon but of enjoying myself. 479 more words