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My Step 9 to Weight Watchers

This was my 4th Weigh In on WW. I had failed the last several times and had just about given up on the program. I cursed Points Plus. 417 more words

Basket Case Survives-so can you !

When I first started in recovery, I was told by some that I had a hard row ahead of me. See I was an alcoholic, with a major-depressive disorder, who used drugs occasionally and gambled, compulsively. 608 more words

Alcohol Recovery

affect the effect.

I have no tattoos.  No piercings.  I don’t wear my ball cap at a fifteen degree angle with the price tag still attached and the brand sticker still on the lid.  293 more words

The Twelve Steps

An Introduction to Sobriety and the 12 Steps

Many of us are under the thumb of a chemical and/or behavioral addiction. This could be an illegal chemical, such as crack cocaine, or methanphetamine. Or, it could be a behavior, such as gambling or sex. 528 more words


On Alcoholic Denial

The greater our honesty, the more life is worth

Alcohol has never been de-throned in my family. Throughout his life, my father clung persistently to the conviction that alcohol opened a portal to happiness. 1,161 more words


easier done than said.

My church’s Communion offers two different chalices for dipping: one wine and one grape juice. The chalices are both ceramic; one glazed light brown, while the other is glazed light brown with a white swoosh on one side. 272 more words

12 The Hard Way


Yesterday, I received some communication from a friend of mine. She read a couple of texts that I shared with some of my mates (she does not know of this blog as I am taking the anonymous nature of it seriously). 382 more words

Personal Thoughts And Analysis