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I am blessed, walking into the fire, crawling on broken glass, and comfortably sinking into the quicksand of my delusional pain. It’s not so much the chasing of dreams; they were always pure in conception, just miserably executed. 856 more words


Mad and I'm not sure why.

I’m not sure if I am even mad. I think this is something else; sadness.

I’m madsad that I can’t just go out and drink without having too much. 579 more words

12 Steps

A Bundle of Possibilities

In rehab and AA, we learn a lot about character defects…twisted thinking and behaviors used to deal and cope with life. Everyone has some of them to one extent or another. 214 more words

12 Steps

Looking Up

These last few weeks have been so awesome. My husband has been out of state because his grandmother passed away. That part isn’t so awesome; I’ve missed him a lot. 369 more words

12 Step

Goin' To The Beach?

The other day, I walked into a meeting and my first “recovery” girlfriend was sittin’ at the table.

She smiled and waved at me.

I waved back. 435 more words

Don't Get Bored, he said.

David was my sponsor during my early years (2) of recovery. Here’s a look back..

Today David and I met to discuss relapse. Apparently he feels this is important. 913 more words

Alcohol Recovery


A nightly journey into the madness of sobriety

It’s well after midnight, again, and the constant torturer that is my consciousness cracks its knuckles as it prepares another night of unrelenting, unwavering wakefulness. 443 more words