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Fab Friday - April 18, 2014

Good morning, guys!  Today is Good Friday, the day Jesus headed to the cross to change the world forever.  (But don’t worry, death couldn’t keep him for long… SPOILER ALERT!)  ;-) 417 more words

Fab Friday


“My name is not Annie. It is Quvenzhané.”

Each syllable in your name, Qu-ven-zha-ne, is a vibration making up a word; and, that word is a symbol.

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Dr. SaFiya D. Hoskins


What do you think guys? Are these Kenyan beauties (minus the baldy dude in the middle) dead ringers for Lupita?  They certainly do have a lot in common from our point of view. 44 more words

Lupita Nyong'o

12 Years a Slave - movie review

12 Years a Slave (R, 2013, 134 minutes)

Directed by Steve McQueen

Written for the screen by John Ridley, based on the memoir by Solomon Northup… 535 more words


12 years a slave

I saw that shit. I was expecting greatness. All the academy hype and all. It was depressing as fuck. Brad Pitt was cool for all 12 minutes he was in it. 14 more words

"12 Years a Slave" - Film Review (A+)

I was warned before watching 12 Years a Slave that it would be graphic and painful to watch.  It was.  I was told Chiwetel Ejiofor was equally worthy as Matthew McConaughey for his Best Actor Oscar in… 1,038 more words


Many Blows

After finally watching the movie 12 Years A Slave I was saddened by

the gross misuse and misinterpretation of Scripture. The movie depicts

scenes where white slave owners read the Bible to their Negro slaves. 315 more words