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12th Grade - 2nd Quarter Extra Credit

On Gay Marriage

Topic: Gay Marriage

Due Date: Wednesday, January 14th

Maximum Amount of Extra Credit: 5% of Quarterly Grade

Instructions: For this extra credit opportunity, you must click on the link and read the article. 23 more words

12th Grade

Class of 2014 Receives Record 40 IB Diplomas

BSGE’s class of 2014 received a school record 40 IB diplomas. Of the 63 students who graduated in 2014, 56 completed all of the IB requirements and 40 received enough points to earn the IB diploma. 273 more words


12th Grade: Constitutions for Dummies, by Dummies


In the past couple weeks, the Government class discussed the basics of Plato and Aristotle’s philosophy.  One goal I had in this was for students to understand . 726 more words

Weekend Updates

12 Shakespeare Memorization

Here are the sonnets and Hamlet’s advice to the players.  Performed on December 18

12 Memorization HW

Rubric for Memorized Shakespearean Piece:

1.Must be memorized (errors and pauses while trying to remember will reduce your score) (25) 68 more words

12th Grade

Fundraising at the Fall '14 Parent Teacher Conferences

On Thursday, November 20th from 5 – 8 p.m and Friday, November 21st from 12 – 3 p.m, BSGE hosted its bi-annual Parent Teacher Conferences. The conferences, which are held once in the fall and once in the spring, are designed so that parents can discuss their child’s grades with teachers and gain a better overall understanding of how their child is performing and how he or she can improve.  393 more words