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Beginning Senior Year

Today we had one of those mandatory senior meetings. You know the ones, when the guidance counselors march into one of your senior classes, claiming they will only take 20 minutes, power point and all. 486 more words


12th Grade: "Acts of Violence don't win Wars."


This week we spent part of the time trying to apply some lessons from the past to our current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Central to our discussion was the following idea: 2,465 more words

Weekend Updates

Worrying Productively: Six Ways Parents Can Help With The College Search

All parents worry about our children’s transitions, whether it’s from middle school to high school or from biking to driving. We can’t help it. It’s what we do.

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12 Grade - 1st Quarter Extra Credit

Topic: Does God Exist? – Debate
Due Date: Wednesday, October 22nd
Maximum amount of Extra Credit Points: 5% of Quarterly Grade
1. Watch the entire debate. 178 more words

12th Grade

Test Driving the Thesis with Thesis Generators

“So….what problems do your students have in writing?” I ask middle school teachers.
“The thesis statement.”

“So….what problems do your students have writing?” I ask high school teachers. 665 more words


Perfect crime

a-radio-drama  Tape 3.6

Answer  the questions

What  were they going to celebrate?

What  happened to her  husband?

Did the police find the weapon of  the murder?

12th Grade

12th Grade: The Battleground of Democratic Ideas


This year we will examine how democracies function across time and space.  What do they do well?  What challenges put great stress upon them?  Are their paths that democracies generally take that they should always avoid?   1,017 more words

Weekend Updates