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12th Grade Sonnet

Write a sonnet based on a paraphrase of Shakespeare’s sonnet 116. You can either mimic each line, or take the meaning of each quatrain, or give it your own “twist.” 50 more words

12th Grade

A Day in the Life: Crunch Time for a 12th grade English tutor

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The jump from 8th grade to 9th is a big one!

For some students it may mean changing schools.  Even if this is not the case for your child, the jump from 8th to 9th means that teachers raise the bar on the quality of work that they expect to receive.   210 more words


What it means to be a Teenager

Hello Everyone!:)

I decided to create another blog website here on WordPress, this blog website will be more about the things and topics that interest to teens nowadays. 299 more words


College-Related Tensions for Seniors Across the City

During the Fall Semester, high school seniors around the country, and quite possibly the world, undergo a shift in moods within their graduating class. The cheerful and open environment that they once held with their peers from 9th to 11th grade has now disappeared with the appearance of the looming college application process. 556 more words