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12th Grade: An Ideal Republic


We started off the year by reading some excerpts from St. Augustine’s City of God to examine how we are defined by our loves.  This “definition” holds true for civilizations, states, and individuals. 797 more words

Weekend Updates

BSGE's Parent Coordinator Has Her Own Advisory

Until recently, Margaret Pasach’s only job was parent coordinator of BSGE . But this year she has also taken up the job of having her own advisory. 390 more words


Speaking and writing

Which is your favourite place  in Yerevan?

Write  your  ideas and shares photos.

11th Grade

Beginning Senior Year

Today we had one of those mandatory senior meetings. You know the ones, when the guidance counselors march into one of your senior classes, claiming they will only take 20 minutes, power point and all. 486 more words