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No gluten, no diary they say

So…just a tip if anyone is considering it. Don’t change your skincare products and throw away your diet routine at the same time, just saying….Because you end up like this: 336 more words

Health and fitness - 10 tips for running

For the last couple of months my partner Kevin and I have been focusing on improving our health and fitness. We’ve overhauled our diet and started an intensive exercise program as part of the… 985 more words


Carrot or Stick?

I often think about the ‘carrot or stick’ schools of learning. Do you learn new habits best when you are rewarded for getting things right (2 days Diet Coke free = get a good coffee somewhere) or when you are taught a lesson with a punishment of some sort (Diet coke again – no coffee for 2 days)? 265 more words

Weight Loss

It's a case of memory and self control

Week two of my whole grains only / no refined carbs challenge.

So far I have noticed that when I do forget and eat food (or just give up and dive head first into a plate of brownies), I feel bloated and heavy and gross. 151 more words


Common Struggles With Eating Well

I think short term rather than long term when it comes to food.

I eat because others around me are eating, regardless of whether I am hungry or not. 251 more words


Clean cut

I don’t know where else to own up to it. Even the idea of owning up for overeating seems somewhat ridiculous. Why is it anyone else’s business whether I ate more than I thought I should? 203 more words


Travelling and eating

Two of my favourite things :-)

This time to a sports event, which will take us out of town for a few days and this time, Zac and I will be foraging for ourselves. 246 more words