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It's a case of memory and self control

Week two of my whole grains only / no refined carbs challenge.

So far I have noticed that when I do forget and eat food (or just give up and dive head first into a plate of brownies), I feel bloated and heavy and gross. 151 more words


Common Struggles With Eating Well

I think short term rather than long term when it comes to food.

I eat because others around me are eating, regardless of whether I am hungry or not. 251 more words


Clean cut

I don’t know where else to own up to it. Even the idea of owning up for overeating seems somewhat ridiculous. Why is it anyone else’s business whether I ate more than I thought I should? 203 more words


Travelling and eating

Two of my favourite things :-)

This time to a sports event, which will take us out of town for a few days and this time, Zac and I will be foraging for ourselves. 246 more words

Going off Gluten - Sort Of

I think it might be the gluten making me sick.

Well, maybe not the gluten so much, but the refined flour.

White bread is just bad news for my body. 364 more words


Weigh-in...9...for week 10

Ha! I bet you thought I’d gone quiet because I’d fallen off the wagon and was feeling resistant to coming and admitting it here…

That I was embarrassed to write down that I was having yet another struggle with this stuff and I just wanted to shut down and not think about it. 405 more words

Weekly photo challenge: Threshold

Here is my submission for this week’s photo challenge. It is a picture taken on my phone on the threshold of my first 5km Park Run. 203 more words