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Sense & Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility in common -
Pride and Prejudice in stead.

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I’m not afraid to be misunderstood;
I’m not afraid to be understood either.


Another Purpose

I fought and were the words against the ignorance of some
But they spread and spread and made others believe
What they had tasted - 26 more words

Wax Seasons

Memories are like wax -
They wane with the seasons.
Only beautiful memories become solid.

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Snowy Kiss

She stood there, amidst the snow, and kept on looking at him. He was there, in the snow, keeping the same gaze at her.

- Kiss me. 61 more words

Couple Of Colors

Once in the morning
They woke up in one boat -
He was made from leaves
And she’s from waters
And colors washed them
From above and joined.