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She put his flowers onto the window sill. There they remained to stand for the other twenty thousand days.



In each minute there are sixty seconds…

My second choices were usually better than the first ones. I use to persuade myself that if you’ve made the wrong choice or the result is not the one you expected it’s up to you to make corrections while it’s allowed by the time. 92 more words

Incarnation Of Autumn

She dyes her hair
And approaches slowly
Undressing trees from leaves
And incarnates her plans.


Call Back

It is as though it was yesterday when she turned back and left her phone number there and asked to call her back.
The yesterday melted with the snow and calls them back.


Below Belly

– Every time I talk to you I feel warmth.
– Where?
– …below my belly.
– But you don’t know me, don’t see me. What if I’m not the one you imagine? 16 more words