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Tree & Fruit

The tree was blooming to be fruitful.


A Few Words

I prefer to write a few words as you see. There’s no sense to say a lot if they don’t read it to the end. I can talk a lot to those who I find compatible with me and who find me. 104 more words

The Present

Now you have this present -
Distant love, they call it.


Miss Balance

If she misses him she’ll tell it;
If he misses her he’ll show it.


Letting Words To Draw

Tonight I don’t draw -
I let the words to draw raw feelings.


Craft And Love

He turned his life into a craft giving him the pleasure to drift and love he turned into his raft.


Serendipitous Siren

If I could only know that that neglige was meant for me serendipity would siren what to do.