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Chain Reactions

Any act  is a chain of events in one’s daily life. These can be both good and bad experiences. But if they can’t find kindness in themselves they can’t find it anywhere.


Duet, Duality And Individuality

Art Of Painting, if it is, is to be declaration, decoration, and complement to thoughts and emotions on walls. It is always dual and individual.


Mirror Of Love

Your mirror doesn’t show you alone - it shows the amount of love you reflect and receive at the moment.


A Back Taken

She was a back to him and he was taken aback.

Magic Place

Is there any place where you feel magic?


Blues Of Heads

He had something old, something new, something blue. And she took and had them on.

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Backwheel Of Time

We are like riders on our own bikes; trying to catch the time and even overget it. But we are fool enough to see that it’s behind us – … 23 more words