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Wild Strawberry

– Who are you?
– I’m your wild strawberry. No one has seen me yet. You are the first. You’ve created me for love.
– You are just the figment of my imagination. 142 more words

Was Will

She had been seeking for him so long
And he appeared,
He came on his own and not –
It was the Will.
But she didn’t trust and still didn’t believe – 19 more words

The Same Eyes

I looked into your eyes
And saw my own in the mirror of the skies.


Blue Trees

The trees were blue
And I was standing there
Parked at the end of yellow road –
I belong to them.


Glued Heart

I don’t want to break my heart again like a porcelain cup. It took so much time to glue its parts together. I wish someone to listen to it and its rhyming rhythms and wondrous tunes and admire of them.


Hurried Conclusions

Hurried conclusions are the consequences of invented or unexplained answers. I’m pretty sure it is my final conclusion.