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The 67 Louisiana Lawmakers Who Just Voted That Gay Sex Should Be Illegal

I’m equally suprised and disheartened by this. Why are so many lawmakers hell bent on ignoring the Constitution unless it benefits them? And a HUGE thank you to the 11 who didn’t vote. 134 more words


Bundy Ranch: What Have We Learned From It?

It’s been a busy week surrounding Bundy Ranch.  Watching it on television with all of the Federal agents coming in like gang busters has brought back memories of Ruby Ridge.  991 more words



EPISODE with ALAN SCHOLL, special guest – speaks to Tom and Bruce and a variety of subjects from the Communist ideological attack of our nation, to movements infiltrated by Bolsheviks.


The Sagebrush Rebellion is Dead

The sagebrush rebellion is dead. No range war by Nevada ranchers is going to resurrect it. This battle was fought by very intelligent lawyers and statesmen and they lost. 707 more words

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THE Reason The 2nd Amendment Exists

Have you ever asked yourself why the 2nd Amendment exists in the first place?

Let’s consider some things. First off, it wasn’t in the original document, it was an amendment, one of the first thirteen proposed by the 1st Congress as a trade for the ratification by the Anti-Federalists. 431 more words

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