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Zeoli: Hate Crime Laws Are Unjust; Let’s Have Victim Equality

By Rich Zeoli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For no reason whatsoever last week, 24-year-old Shane Carey was savagely beaten in Center City Philadelphia by a group of thugs. 484 more words


Court strikes down Virginia discriminatory congressional map

A federal court in Virginia struck down the state’s congressional map on Tuesday, October 7, 2014. The panel found that the state legislature’s decision to pack African Americans into the 3rd Congressional District, a district controlled by Democrats, was unconstitutional because it was motivated solely by race – a violation of the 14thAmendment. 50 more words

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A Changing Tide: Same-Sex Marriage and the Christian South

No matter where you stand, same-sex marriage will be the law of the land sooner than later. The Supreme Court of the United States has decided to not hear the issue, and affirm lower court rulings calling bans on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional. 604 more words

Due Process Is the Enemy of Racism

There is nothing racist about upholding the 14th Amendment right to due process under the law. The tragic Michael Brown shooting this summer in Ferguson, Missouri has led to shocking calls for denial of due process to Darren Wilson, the police officer involved. 357 more words

A Brief review of the 14th Amendment as it relates to Special Education

The 14th Amendment was officially declared in 1868 to protect the freed black slaves. The 14th Amendment failed to fully enforce the protections stated (The 14th Amendment, n.d). 385 more words

Kari Lewinsohn

"It Makes You Wonder": George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson And The Kickstarted Defense; You Call This Justice?

I learned a lot of shocking things reporting “Zimmerman Family Values” for the new issue of GQ. But one really creeped up on me. From nearly the second the Florida neighborhood watchman shot to death 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, George and his family absolutely believed that a superstar attorney was his only chance to not wind up in prison forever. 800 more words

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Same-sex marriage tide has turned

The currents have turned in favor of same-sex marriage.

Who knows? It well might be accepted as part of the “new normal” in this country, if the courts continue to have their way. 298 more words

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