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Embroidered St. Birgittas cap

After having my old St. Brigitta’s cap for several years, and not really liking it that much. Well I like the cap itself as it is the best thing to… 301 more words


Different shapes of veils

I made this picture for a Swedish medieval sewing group on facebook that I am in and thought that I can just as well share it with you to. 49 more words


(105) BIM H 20

The title of this manuscript in the Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Montpellier is “Inventarium juris canonici tam textuum quam glossarum, compilatum per Berengarium episcopum Bitterensem”. There is no formal description available [1]. 65 more words


(101) KBH 78 D 40

In the previous post reference was made to the paper of Pinon, who – after having  described the miniature in the ‘Compost et calendrier des bergiers’ – said “[t]his paraphrases an iconographic subject appearing as early as the fourteenth century, in the… 224 more words


Day 502: The Poisoned Crown

The Poisoned Crown begins with the beautiful and devout Clémence of Hungary on her way into a pit of vipers, the court of Louis X of France, and marriage with the king. 267 more words


Deleted Settings: The Traitors' Gate

The Tower of London, built by William the Conqueror to dominate his new capital, has a long and fascinating history well worth reading up on. As I approached The Dark Apostle series, and especially the second book, … 286 more words