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We ALL need to teach children to not terrorize schools #wt2m

being that it’s nearly the 15 year anniversary of the Columbine school shootings it got me thinking about all that stuff. It’s like a current issue too. 415 more words


1999 Rewind: The Matrix

1999 was a big year for me – I turned 18, graduated high school, went to college.  Big, life achievement milestone stuff, and, unlike other years with big milestone events since, it was also a pretty awesome year all around – the end of the millenium, the end of the Clinton era, a time of relative peace and prosperity such that it’s enough to make you misty eyed for the good old days. 3,036 more words


The Roots "Things Fall Apart" Album Turns 15!

The Roots are probably hands down the Greatest Rap Group of All Time. They are definitely the greatest Hip-Hop Band ever. Some would say that’s by default but, in my mind 5 bands could come out this year and drop what people would deem “classics” and I would STILL take The Roots NO! 191 more words

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