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'Carta de ajuste', una reflexión sobre la televisión en España

El ser humano tiende a la réplica con facilidad, al deseo de expresión razonado o no sobre un tema o concepto determinado. No obstante, este aspecto ligado al conformismo genera una estructura circular que no desemboca en ningún puerto, sino en el sofá de nuestras casas. 1,936 more words


Guanyem: Commons Barcelona!

We are living in an exceptional time that demands brave, creative initiatives. If we are able to imagine a different city, we will have the power to transform it.”

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Social movements in Spain – 15M

Social movements in Spain – 15M.

From Revolution News

Many things have changed and we need to know how to read reality and celebrate our triumphs. 607 more words


A Charter for Democracy - Movimiento por la Democracia


This Charter was born of a deep malaise: lack of prospects, mass unemployment, cuts in social rights and benefits, evictions, political and financial corruption, dismantling of public services. 4,908 more words


Podemos: Spain's new 'transmedia' party

One of the biggest surprises in the recent European elections has been the sudden rise of the Spanish party Podemos (“We Can”), which obtained 8% of the vote in Spain. 546 more words


Fuerza Valpo! Solidarity, Resistance, and Recovery In the Wake of Valparaíso Fires

Emily Achtenberg

Rebel Currents

May 30, 2014

On May 24, a coalition of neighborhood groups, students, labor unions, and other civil society organizations convened a  1,242 more words


DIWO Co-op: Do it With Others, and make a co-op while you're at it

DIWO Co-op is a worker-owned co-op located in Madrid, Spain. They’re a sister-co-op to Guerrilla Translation, and they’ve continually delighted us with their friendship, advice  – and, hey, some kickass Guerrilla Translation badges like the ones featured above! 449 more words

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