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Justice Department sues North Carolina over voter ID law


The law requires voters to show photo ID at the polls, eliminates same-day registration and pre-registration for students as young as 16, and cuts the early-voting period from 17 to 10 days. 316 more words

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"This Is Not Your Independence Day": Celebrating The Birth Of An Imperfect Union As The Fight For 'Freedom' Has Yet To Be Won

Every year, proud U.S. citizens across the country take a break from daily life to commemorate the birth of America. Dusting off the grill, buying frozen meat en masse, attempting to retreat to the nearest body of water, and putting sparklers in the hands of small children might not be exactly what our founding fathers envisioned, but who am I to argue with a long weekend? 573 more words


50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer, 4th of July, and Why I am Proud to be an American

I wanted to write about my country today. It’s taken me all day to write this blog post, but I think it’s important. My parents and my grandma voted in the election last Tuesday and we are going to celebrate America’s birthday on the 4th of July this Friday. 1,620 more words

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