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When Does Reality TV Become A Guilty Pleasure? - EDITORIAL

Reality TV has been called everything in the book: sterile, fabricated, wooden, brainwashing, corny, dumb as sand, and manipulative. Yet, for every reality show we can avoid, there are others that we can’t stay away from. 1,132 more words


MTV: celebrating parental mediocrity and child abuse.

It’s no secret that MTV is a wasteland of television reserved for mind-numbing viewing, hell, it’s the channel that made Jackass famous. I’ll admit I enjoyed watching ‘Jersey Shore’ and its UK counter part ‘Geordie shore’, not because it was good, but quite the opposite. 1,754 more words


Social Choices: Why Reality TV Isn't Real and You Shouldn't Bother With It.

Stay Classy America

We could have a historical debate about when reality TV came into existence – any form of unscripted live TV that captured the nation could fit the bill.   615 more words

16 And Pregnant