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Disappointing Products

It’s not often I am disappointed by a product, but sometimes products just fail to meet my expectations and it is a bit of a bummer when you’re super excited about trying a hyped up product you test it out and are disappointed, yet you try it out for a few days, maybe even weeks but you still cannot get to grips with it. 552 more words


The Smirk- extremely short story

The smell of stale coffee filled the air. Although there was a few eager faces around, most of the single people in the room looked exactly like me. 596 more words

Pink Candy

So. A new chapter in my life has started, and I’ve a nigh on irresistible urge to rush out and buy a selection of ludicrously frivolous new stationery to mark the occasion. 320 more words


Lost in a World (all my own)

Warning: This poem contains vulgar language/curse words. Thank you.


17 // Why start a blog?


Not very old, some would say, but then again not very young either. Many many things can have happened or very little might have changed. 343 more words


Looking for a good book to read? Check out "Here and Now."

Hey, readers! I’ve got something special to share with you all thanks to Seventeen Magazine!

As a member of the Seventeen Social Club, I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Ann Brashares’ novel “The Here and Now.” Now that novel is on sale for anyone to buy it, I recommend going out to get it ASAP! 234 more words

Time Doesn't Stop For Anyone

As life has been passing by me like a train through a dark night, I can’t but help feeling like a shadow in a room full of people. 222 more words