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Tarea Semanal

Yo hice numero diez y siete esta semana. Yo leí “People en español” para treinte minutos. Yo aprendí que Usher no está contento con las decisiones de Justin Bieber. 43 more words

You're Young and You're Stupid

Is something people like get me get told too often. How often is too often? Basically, if it’s said at all, that’s using the “young people are stupid” excuse too much. 634 more words


Keys to Longevity

The average life time in the United states has jumped to almost seventy nine years old, but as outlined by research, it is possible to influence your health to the point of getting several more years for your life. 391 more words



It feels like time has flown by since the last time I blogged and it’s difficult to know where to begin… I guess with my 17th Birthday which I celebrated (Friday 24th October). 136 more words


When You Come To My Life – Different

Sequel of When Full Moon Comes

Genre : Fantasy, Romance
Rated : PG-17
Length : Chaptered  

sequel dari cerita absurd sebelumnya telah hadir! Mohon maaf jika cerita ini semakin absurd >< Enjoy~~

4,892 more words

Metamorphosis at Work

I turned 17 two days ago, and while I didn’t have any big birthday party, we did celebrate my birthday by eating out in a Korean restaurant. 608 more words

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