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Some Toys

One of the advantages of having regular employment again is being able to afford to buy some toys. I stopped into the Tamiya shop here in Glorietta tonight looking for a couple of kits. 50 more words


Roden 1/72 Sd.kfz 4/1 72 Panzerwerfer with Armory PE

I always liked halftracks -especially the Germans built ones. They look angular, somewhat futuristic, and they have been built in an incredible number of versions. (Especially the 251 series; more on that in a later post…) 1,414 more words


Mormon Militia? Who would have thought?

While researching some of the local history and visiting a local historical museum it has come to my attention that there was a little bit more to the Mormon settlers than I first realized.  334 more words


Some men take great pride in how much they spend, I, however, take great pride in how little I spend.

I remember reading this quote years ago and have always remembered it.  For the life of me I cannot locate where it originated.  My gut tells me either Benjamin Franklin or Henry David Thoreau .  438 more words


F2A-3 Buffalo

The next installment of the trio is the Buffalo. This “barrel with wings” was an enjoyable build. It could have easily taken only a few days to complete if it was a stand alone build. 76 more words

Model Airplanes

Some more pick up and play games...

Thinking about the last post I did about a pick up game – here’s a couple more compact boxes!

Mai-star is the other one Zoë bought and we have yet to try, citadels is one we’ve had for a long time now and has always been a fun fall back when pressed for time. 117 more words


MiG-25 Foxbat

I can quit my bellyaching and woe is me posts now! The Mig-25 is complete, as well as its build mates. This post should have been written a week ago but due to circumstance, here I am. 186 more words

Model Airplanes