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Know Your Rights for Getting a Tattoo In New South Wales, Australia

Great website to read… Very interesting and if you are under 18 years old…well it looks like you may have to get paternal consent.?


Australia Highlights

What are you doing next?

I went to college … that was kind of … a waste of my time …

Not entirely. For the degree that I got, it makes sense that I went to college, and it’s pretty much impossible to get a job through pure experience. 322 more words


Cutting the ties that bind-leaving home at 18

Leaving home at the brink of my nineteenth year was exciting. I don’t remember any fear at all, only elation and excitement.

The plan was simply this; my mom’s boss and wife who I worked for as a babysitter on a regular basis offered me an opportunity to become their… 795 more words

Memories- Childhhood-early Adulthood 1970-1987


Today’s post is a little interesting, (well I think so anyway). So a few weeks ago, my birthday passed and I thought I’d write a post about my opinion on what happened.   279 more words