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If you know me, you know I have a complete obsession with all things Alcott — the person, the family, the books, etc. I’m a “Little Women” junkie (I’m actually also a lifelong devotee to Laura Ingalls Wilder, but that’s for another post). 348 more words

New England

Seasick... the English Channel

The Fischer family and Johann Holtorf were landlubbers; they had never been to sea. After leaving the sheltered waters of the Elbe on their respective migrant ships they traversed a corner of the North Sea and then entered the English Channel. 560 more words

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Lady Caroline Lamb’s whole disgraceful truth… Part twelve ~ Married into a love match!

The last time I wrote about Caro, it was to tell you about William Lamb’s proposal, in the middle of a mourning period for his brother at the moment he became heir to his father. 1,787 more words

Jane Lark

First anti-drug law in the U.S. was passed in San Francisco in 1875

The first drug law in the U.S. was passed in San Francisco in 1875. The law banned the smoking of opium in opium dens. Widespread racism against Chinese immigrants fueled the hysteria, political leaders stoked fear of white women and young white girls, as well as young white men of “respectable families”, being induced to visit the Chinese opium-smoking dens, where they were ruined morally. 128 more words

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Moses "Clear Rock" Platt - Run, Nigger, Run

Yes, this song is today unfortunately named.

Around the middle of the 19th Century, black slaves needed passes to leave plantations. “Sneaking off” occurred, though with fear of being whipped if captured or found out later by a patrolman. 31 more words


Review: Will Starling, by Ian Weir (2014)

There’s something about the idea of surgery that captures our imaginations. The idea of a person who holds a literal knife’s edge between life and death for a helpless mortal, who’s either tied down or unconscious on a slab? 841 more words