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A taste of freedom (Bykov on Nekrasov)

“Nekrasov is the only Russian poet that, to this day, it is considered good form to say bad things about” (1:06). From there Dmitry Bykov… 768 more words

Russian Literature

Translating dialect: Gaskell's Lancashire English in Russian

I’ve been thinking on and off about how people could or should translate nonstandard dialects, and translating Leskov is making the question urgent, since his characters’ voices all sound different and their speech is often marked for region, class, or subculture. 1,037 more words


Words new to me: белковина

Interesting words are sparse in Chernyshevskii’s What Is to Be Done? (Что делать?, 1863), but I learned a bit about the history of science looking up… 794 more words

Russian Literature