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“Why didn't he marry her? That isn't even explained.”

Characters in 1860s Russian fiction like to discuss George Sand. Here it’s a married couple and the husband’s soon-to-be lover arguing about the morality of her  727 more words

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Words new to me: карачун

From chapter 5, section 3 of Chernyshevskii’s What Is to Be Done? (Что делать?, 1863):

It is known that many of the Big Wigs who practise have this custom: if…

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Russian Literature

A slavery question

I’ve been thinking about Russian and American slavery again lately, thanks to John MacKay’s book about Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Russia and an exchange between Sarah J. 635 more words

Russian Literature

Words new to me: головня

Tom’s readalong was months ago, and I’m still struggling through Chernyshevskii’s What Is to Be Done? (Что делать?, 1863). I don’t think I’m even to the part that readalonger Scott G. 433 more words

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