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  • Shalamov thought it was impossibly hard to describe the loss of language people undergo in a labor camp without using the language he’d since regained. Sarah J.
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“...the prose is not as bad as I'd heard it was.”

You may remember that Tom at Wuthering Expectations is having a readalong of  Chernyshevskii’s What Is to Be Done? (Что делать?, 1863). I think the typical blog post about the novel is going to be one explaining why, when the novel is so badly written in so many ways, it’s nevertheless worthwhile. 620 more words

Russian Literature

Words new to me: мальпост

In part 5, chapter 19 of Leskov’s Cathedral Folk (Соборяне, 1867-72) the deacon Akhilla mentions a dog of his being run over by the wheel of a мальпост (stem-stressed), so it was clear from context that the word meant some kind of wheeled vehicle. 112 more words