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Poetic Epitaph from 1866 – Quote

This was found on a grave marker. It’s a tribute to the woman whose tombstone had this engraved upon it, and to the woman who lies in this crypt. 77 more words


September 14 in San Antonio history...

World War I – 1914
The German armies have now turned to attack the Allied armies who were pursuing them in France.  They have made a stand north of the Aisne River. 34 more words


Portland Police Identify DNA of Boy Who Started Great Fire of 1866

Young boy who started the fire in a warehouse on Commercial Street in 1866 turns out to be the great-grandfather of the arsonist connected with 2013 fire that destroyed Colucci’s Market.


1866 Austro-Prussian Campaign Game

Recently I was asked to participate as a guest commander in another 1866 Austro-Prussian campaign game. As a table top commander, I was delivered a fait accompli in terms of troops available and tactical situation. 360 more words


B.C. History Pt. 3/4 - A British Colony

With the pre-European history of British Columbia covered here and the early exploration of the province covered here; we have now arrived, this week, at part three of this site’s four part overview: British Columbia as a British colony. 517 more words