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The Pleasant Sensations of Drowning (1896)

In the Bay of Gibraltar, in the midst of a furious storm, I was upset out of a canoe and picked up in an unconscious condition. 671 more words


A Cat that Cleans Windows

The Chinatown Cat That Cleans Windows

Naturalists have long conceded the cat to be the cleanest animal living. That is as regards its own fur. But there is a cat in Chinatown that not only keeps itself clean, but it keeps everything around it clean. 307 more words


"Deceived" (1896)


His yacht sailed out in the morning breeze,

Like a dove with wings outspread,

And its pennant was lost mid the hills of seas, 83 more words


"As His Mother Used To Do" (1896)

As His Mother Used To Do

He criticized her puddings and he found fault with her cake;

He wished she’d make such biscuit as his mother used to make; 125 more words


"Mr. Sun and His Wife" (1896)

Mr. Sun and His Wife

Old Mr. Sun had been mad all day,

Oh, in such a blazing heat,

He never could get to see his wife, 224 more words


Αλμπέρτο Σαβίνιο (Αντρέα Αλμπέρτο ντε Κίρικο)

“Κατά την περίοδο του σχηματισμού της γης, τότε που αυτή ήταν φλεγόμενη και έμψυχη, η πόλη [ΣΗΜ. ο Βόλος] γκρεμίστηκε από το βουνό, από εκεί που ήταν η φυσική, πανύψηλη θέση της. 13 more words

Invincible Love Poem

Whenever I am in the mood, I enjoy watching spoken-word poetry. Along with my quest to discover spoken-word talents, I stumbled upon this poem told by an Indian tribe of Southern Alaska to a missionary in 1896. 122 more words