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The Only Known Horse Cemetery (1896)

The Oddest of All Cemeteries

An Eastern Horse Crank Starts a Private Equine Burial Ground.

There is a man in Massachusetts who treats his horses with the same consideration they would receive if they were human beings. 272 more words


Presentazione della fotografia animata a Torino

Torino, 13 novembre 1896. Il Cinematografo Lumière, che ammiriamo attualmente a Torino, trae le sue origini, come tutti i confratelli di nome consimile, dall’antico zootropio e dal praesinoscopio che tutti ricordiamo, perché formarono la delizia dei nostri giovani anni; era quello un semplice giocattolo più o meno imperfetto. 625 more words

Cinema Muto

Helping the Deaf Hear Music with Water and Electricity (1896)

The San Francisco Call November 8, 1896

And Now the Deaf May Hear

It Is Possible to Listen to Music Through the Agency of the Hands. 345 more words


The Snows of Shasta (1896)

The Snows of Shasta

Across the fields all gray and bare,

The foothills rise in ranks of blue,

And through the shadows here and there… 231 more words


"Homesick" (1896)


I love the woodlands when the light is breaking,

Within the pearly cloudlets far away,

And the sweet birds, their cozy nests forsaking,

In softest love-notes tell of new-born day. 321 more words


October 13 in San Antonio history...

World War I – 1914
The seat of the Belgian government has moved to the French port of Havre.  It had previously moved from Brussels to Antwerp and then to Ostend.   99 more words


Haunted Castle (1896)

For my history of horror, I’ll probably wind up talking about several different movies which have been claimed as the “first” horror movie. This is probably the earliest of those, for what it’s worth, but it’s also probably the hardest to nail down as “really” being a horror movie. 194 more words