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Forgotten Verse from a Scrapbook (1896)

Forgotten Verse Culled from a Scrapbook More than Thirty Years Old

How Long Will It Last?

Lights from the windows are gleaming and glancing.

Music and laughter are echoing near, 835 more words


"The Town of 'Used-to-Be'" (1896)

The Town of “Used-to-Be.”

Grandma lives in a funny place,

The town of “Used-to-be,”

Where streets are “turnpikes” and people are “folks.”

And a nice hot supper a “tea.” 191 more words


The Free Soul

(Delivered in New York, 1896)

The analysis of the Sânkhyas stops with the duality of existence — Nature and souls. There are an infinite number of souls, which, being simple, cannot die, and must therefore be separate from Nature. 4,765 more words


Unity, the Goal of Religion

(Delivered in New York, 1896)

This universe of ours, the universe of the senses, the rational, the intellectual, is bounded on both sides by the illimitable, the unknowable, the ever unknown. 1,664 more words


Thousand Year Old Skulls Found at Oakland Race Track (1896)

Unearthed an Ancient Tomb

An Interesting Discovery at the Oakland Race Track

Queer Indian Skulls

Their Remarkable Formation Interests Professor Meriam of Berkeley

One Thousand Years Old… 441 more words


"Pretty Bits of Sentiment" (1896)

Love’s Tasks

When all the flowers are sleepin’

An’ dreamin’ in the dew,

Then Love–he goes a-reapin’,

An’ binds the sheaves for you!

When night falls on the meadows… 354 more words


August 10 in San Antonio history...

Two men raced the San Antonio and Aransas Pass passenger train a half-mile yesterday on their bicycles and beat the train by several wheel lengths. 90 more words