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Liberty Bell 19

Here we have a solemn looking young woman with a pretty bow and a frilly blouse. Her features are the classic Edwardian look: soft hair style, soft round face, straight nose, not-too-wide mouth, strong chin. 60 more words


NW Davis St. & 14th, 1917

A century ago, crossing NW 14th Avenue west on Davis Street would lead you to a row of residential homes and apartments. Today you’d take your life in your hands crossing an off-ramp from I-405 and then a fence would stop you from accessing what’s left of that block.

(City of Portland Archives)


Mr. Selfridge, Season 2, Episode 3

In the third episode of Mr. Selfridge’s second season, Delphine Day (Polly Walker)organizes a card game with some of the influential movers and shakers she knows including Harry and Lord Loxley. 457 more words


W Burnside & 16th

The north side of W. Burnside between 15th and 16th Avenues was a lively hub of commerce in 1917. A newsstand and a barber shop, art, antiques and salvage material, a Saxon automobile dealership, and a garage all shared this block.

(City of Portland Archives)


Did Victorians have hairy underarms?

Should I warn you to keep the rank goat out of your armpits,

Warn you to keep your legs free of coarse bristling hair?

Ovid – …

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Aunt Crete's Emancipation

When I get in a certain kind of mood, there’s nothing that I want more than stories about downtrodden people being showered with care and nice things and the people who have been metaphorically treading on them having that shoved in their faces. 475 more words


Hoisting a Few in the Basement Speakeasy

It’s tax day. Here’s a photo of men drinking illegally and gambling. Cheers!

“Dallas voted for Prohibition October 1917 — but it didn’t go dry, as this workingman’s speakeasy (a word not developed then) shows. 44 more words

Dallas TX