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Romance II


As I said on yesterdays post one of the highlights for me personally of attending the 2015 Mahurangi Regatta was getting to see Pauline & Harold Kidd’s 1919 Bailey & Lowe launch Romance II post her restoration under the hands of Marco Scuderi. 111 more words


Swords and Hearts (1911)

*. D. W. Griffith was a pioneer when it came to film technique, but what drove his creativity and inventiveness? Not a mad desire to innovate and be original but rather a populist and sentimental mind. 256 more words


A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - by Betty Smith (1943)

This classic novel follows the life of the impoverished Nolan family, living in Brooklyn during the early 1900’s. Johnny is the musical, fun-loving father, Katie the mother who is the main financial provider for the family, Francie the 11-year-old daughter, and Neeley the 10-year-old son. 237 more words


Fianna Éireann in Belfast, 1917-24.

This article takes a look at Fianna Éireann in Belfast in the period after the Easter Rising in 1916, through to 1923-24 when the organisation more or less collapsed. 2,844 more words

Jimmy Steele

The House with Closed Shutters (1910)

*. The Civil War was America’s epic, in the words of art critic Robert Hughes, its Iliad and its Holocaust. As such, I think it’s been mined in a superficial and even cynical manner over the years, but for a lot of great artists, especially from the South, it remains a part of the cultural mythology with incredible resonance. 306 more words