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The nurse, the nun and the soldiers

I had bought some years ago several negatives on glass plates on eBay; these ones were in bad state and borrowed to my neighbour, who’s a photographer. 74 more words


Bois-le-Prêtre, April 1915

The location and the date of this picture are known thanks to a handwritten caption. Bois-le-Prêtre is a wood located near Pont-à-Mousson, in French Lorraine.


The cigarette holder

A nice beard and moustaches for this pic! This is a corporal of the Italian Army, holding a cigarette tip. Note the spurs and his cap with a star and the number #2 inside. 50 more words


1915 - P. Mathiesen

Harbor View Avenue at Loma Vista Avenue

This is a no-doubt example of a Mathiesen mark from 1915, unlike the one on California Street.


April 10, 1915 - Fort George trading post closes doors after over a century of service

It was the end of an era.

This week in 1915, the Hudson’s Bay Company closed, for good, its old “Fort George” trading post near the junction of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers. 471 more words

This Week In History

The Overcoat

I already published a post about the French other ranks’ m. 1877 overcoat, but this studio picture is more clear. Note the way the overcoat was open on the knees to make it more comfy during marches!


The wounded, the doctor and the nurse

Because of the new BBC series “The Crimson Field“, nurses are currently a very trending topic, here’s a French one for your pleasure! The doctor is just behind her. 49 more words