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The Warehouse

A very mysterious post for this Wednesday. It shows us a huge – I’d even say gigantic – warehouse, full of material. In order to understand its size, just have a look at the German soldier, who seems to be the only present human being. 42 more words


The Band (twice)

No, I am not drunk, and I haven’t published twice this picture of a German band in the woods by mistake.

Indeed these two photographs have been taken in two different moments, you can easily spot some differences between the musicians at rest (above) and “in action” (below)…


"The Armenians are one of the most ancient peoples in the world"

The Armenians are one of the most ancient peoples in the world. After thousands of years they have now again acquired
A country of their own.

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Fans In A Flashbulb

Killing the pig

We don’t know the fate of yesterday’s goat, but we know for sure the fate of this piglet. Once again, this picture has probably been taken on the Eastern front, just like this very similar one.


Tea Time

I know it’s late for tea time (it’s now 7 PM in Italy and I am having my Friday beer), but I am still on time for my US friends! 27 more words


Wounded prisoners

Another POW camp for today. Once again, soldiers from different countries are mixed, as we can see at least one French soldiers, among several German ones. 58 more words


A prison on the Eastern front

We’re still in Russia, with another kind of building, after yesterday’s hut. A rather interesting, even mysterious picture: Most of these men are Russian soldiers, without weapon or equipment. 68 more words