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The Rider

And only a few weeks after my post about the monument dedicated to Italian cavalrymen, here’s a true photograph of an Italian rider! I love the contrast between the rider (probably an officer, even if I cannot see his rank) with leather gloves and the two soldiers behind him. 23 more words


Ai prodi di Morivione

4 photos for today’s post, but it’s needed. I’ve recently discovered, less than 1 km from the place where I work a small chapel, which seemed to be very similar you can find in French and Italian campaigns. 199 more words


Have You Tried The Skeleton Tango?

Have You Tried The Skeleton Tango?

Miss Anna Milinger, instructor in the Sherwood School, is shown here performing it at the athletic meet of the physical culture teachers employed to preside over the playgrounds supervised by the Board of Recreation.


Monza War Memorial

Monza war Memorial is located on Piazza Trento e Trieste, which was the antique Pratum magnum of the town during the Middle Age.

This huge monument was done in bronze by Italian sculptor Enrico Pancera and inaugurated in 1932. 67 more words


Vintage Movie Poster: Theda Bara

For more on Theda Bara,
see my post “Kiss Me You Fool“, here on WP.

This poster advertised her movie, “A Fool There Was” from 1915– 12 more words

Aerschot Church used as stable

This picture comes from some issue of French magazine Le Panorama de la Guerre de 1914 and shows us German troops in Aerschot church (Belgium), which was transformed in stable. 63 more words


Marcha Guerrera

On this 14th July, I had to publish something linked to France in some way! And I’ve found it: this sheet music, named “I Poilus della Francia”, written by Dr Trinitus, with music by Clelia Hebetroisi. 52 more words