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Aladore 1915 text

Sorry no new posts for awhile–but Digital Aladore has not been idle!

I have been processing the second digital witness, Aladore 1915 (New York: E.P. Dutton & Company, digitized by Internet Archive in 2006).  204 more words


Relax, it's Friday

It’s Friday and I think we can have all some relax, just like these Italian soldiers. Have you noticed the two demijohns on the table behind them? 32 more words


Documentary on Turkey's hidden Armenians - Teaser

Documentary on Turkey’s hidden Armenians “Turkey, the Legacy of Silence”, to be released on the web on April 2015 (centennial of the Armenian Genocide).


The machine-gun

For this day, a very impressive view of a German machine-gun with its crew. It seems they are defending the heights above a river, with slopes covered by barbed ware.


17th December 1914 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY: in Havana – Fernando Alonso, cuban ballet dancer and co-founder of the Cuban National Ballet .



in the Caucasus: Turkish forces launch an attack on Russian forces in an engagement which will last until mid January. 154 more words

100 Years Ago Today

Einstein's General Relativity - part 1 - the Principle of Equivalence

Next year, 2015, marks the centennial of Einstein’s theory of gravity, what we now call the General theory of Relativity (or just “General Relativity” – “GR”). 1,426 more words


French artillerymen

I always forget that I own a very nice series of pictures of French artillerymen (from the Artillerie de montagne corps, to be more precise); this picture is to link to my series of pair of soldiers. 11 more words