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The Price of Glory, Verdun and Sandburg

Carl Sandburg wrote one of his most unforgettable pieces using the names of places synonymous with the horrors of war, such as Austerlitz, Waterloo and Gettysburg. 181 more words


Ovillers Military Cemetery, Somme

Ovillers is a village on the Somme battlefields, taken by German troops in September 1914 and which later formed part of their defences in what would become… 59 more words

Above The Battlefield

The machine-gun

For this day, a very impressive view of a German machine-gun with its crew. It seems they are defending the heights above a river, with slopes covered by barbed ware.


Kinvara/Doorus/Kilcolgan/Gort/Peterswell/Loughcurra - 1916

From the Roll of Honour, the 1916 Sinn Fein Rebellion Handbook and the Frongoch Camp list

The Roll of Honour, the 1916 Sinn Fein Rebellion Handbook and the Frongoch Camp List identifies men and women who fought in the 1916 rebellion in Dublin and countrywide. 730 more words

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French artillerymen

I always forget that I own a very nice series of pictures of French artillerymen (from the Artillerie de montagne corps, to be more precise); this picture is to link to my series of pair of soldiers. 11 more words


Soldier's 1916 diary 
reveals photo of a wounded Connolly

A NEVER before seen photo of James Connolly, pictured during the final days of the 1916 Rising, has been published in a new book.

It is the only existing picture of the rebel leader taken during the rebellion. 459 more words


Winter War: Snow Bound German Trench on the Somme

This image, which makes you cold just by looking at it, is perhaps more reminiscent of the Eastern Front in WW2, but in fact it was taken in early 1917. 103 more words

Great War