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Turbulent Times

Most of our second day in Dublin was devoted to learning more about the Easter Rising of 1916 and the War of Independence a few years later which led to the establishment of the Irish Free State and then the Republic of Ireland as we know it today. 283 more words

Where the Luck Fell by Osip Yuriy Fedkovich

You, my brother, stayed at home,
Threshing out the beans –
I hied me to Germany,
Seeking where my Luck might be,
League on league to roam. 95 more words


Friedrich-August Medal

For once, a WW1 award on this blog! I’ve bought by chance in a flea market. I thought it was a 19th century one, but i’ve discovered that the Friedrich-Agust Medal was created in 1905 and awarded to soldiers during the Great War. 98 more words


A Literary Legacy

Our itinerary allowed 2 full days in Dublin so we knew that we would need to choose wisely and plan our days if we were to see the things that were of interest to us. 411 more words

A Soldier's Wife



4th February 1903

Dear Mama,

Forgive me for not writing to you before this. Since we arrived in India, I could not find the words to tell you about the terrible thing that has happened to me. 675 more words

1st Pages


Cocaine comedy.

Spiegel’s description of an amazing 1916 Sherlock Holmes parody starring Douglas Fairbanks and possibly cowritten by Anita Loos.

When a villain growls at the diminutive heroine, “Girl, You Are In My Power,” she… 19 more words

Unbarbed wire

I find this picture rather interesting: it was taken during the first weeks of the war and shows, according to the caption (as far as I can remember) a trap for the (German) enemy done with wire. 41 more words