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Boyau du Thibet, 97 years ago

On this day, 97 years ago, a French pilot took this photograph of German trenches near Verdun…


Lost in the Streets of Paris

Stát: USA
Rok: 1917
Hrají: King Baggot

King Baggot

L Is For… LEAVE IT TO JANE (1917)

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! Today, we’re continuing our series of alphabetically ordered posts on forgotten musicals from the ’10s – ’40s. Over the next 25 weeks (note that I will not be doing a post for the letter X), I’ll be covering a different forgotten musical. 757 more words


The cow-boy

And for today, some relax, with this US soldier who is convinced he’s a cow-boy, even if he’s in the campaign of French Lorraine!


1917: St Matthew's Presbyterian Church, Stawell, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, c.1917.
Location: Stawell, Victoria.
Building: St Matthew’s, Stawell.
Memorial: Mrs Anne Anthony.
Donor: Her three daughters, Mrs Forshaw, Mrs Lilley and Miss Anthony.
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Stained Glass

Saint Maximilian Kolbe and the Immaculata

“The more we belong to the Immaculata, the more perfectly we will understand and love the Heart of Jesus, God the Father and the whole Holy Trinity.” 32 more words


To My Understanding: The Balfour Declaration

In my attempt to understand the Israeli-Palestinian situation, I decided to dig deep and go way back. I’m pretty terrible at finding good, credible sources, so I approached my Facebook friends and asked if they could share some of their unbiased sources that they use to argue the Palestinian side of the land ownership debate. 889 more words