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Relax, it's Friday

It’s Friday and I think we can have all some relax, just like these Italian soldiers. Have you noticed the two demijohns on the table behind them? 32 more words


3rd Division Friends

Today’s picture is linked to some themes of the last weeks: these doughboys belong to the US 3rd Division (as indicated by the sleeve insigna), and I think this picture was taken in Germany, during the occupation. 33 more words


The Big Parade (1925)

I’ve seen ‘The Big Parade’ before but couldn’t remember too much about it. In my experience this is a portent of doom. A film so instantly forgettable that none of the characters faces let alone the story had left a smudgey footprint in my memory. 1,034 more words

The machine-gun

For this day, a very impressive view of a German machine-gun with its crew. It seems they are defending the heights above a river, with slopes covered by barbed ware.


French artillerymen

I always forget that I own a very nice series of pictures of French artillerymen (from the Artillerie de montagne corps, to be more precise); this picture is to link to my series of pair of soldiers. 11 more words


The whistle chain

For this Saturday evening, another picture linked to the theme of these last days (pair of soldiers). I was astonished by the high quality of the picture, all details can clearly be seen, including the whistle chain fixed to the shoulder of the man on the right.


Winter War: Snow Bound German Trench on the Somme

This image, which makes you cold just by looking at it, is perhaps more reminiscent of the Eastern Front in WW2, but in fact it was taken in early 1917. 103 more words

Great War