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Cool Attitude

It’s now beer o’clock in Milan and I feel like this proud and relaxed Italian soldier of the 34th Reggimento di Fanteria… I wish a wonderful week-end to all my beloved readers & followers!


Wilson U.S.A. Street

On this rather well-known photo, American troops change a German street sign in a town in the St Mihiel salient on the Western Front in September 1917: “‘Hindenburgstrasse’ is renamed ‘Wilson USA'”. 50 more words


340 mm gun or 14 inch gun?

You have probably already seen this picture on some books or web sites, with the following caption: “Navy 14 inch Railway Gun from Springfield Arsenal LLC in France, 1918, Firing from Thierville-sur-Meuse”. 83 more words


Mirror Effect

I rather like the mirror effect of this picture. We’ll probably never know these relationship between these two men. Were there brothers, cousins or just friends? 43 more words


Humanity II

The previous post has made me look at the image of the footballers more closely.  For years I just accepted the information on the back of the photo – … 116 more words


The bridge of Nonsard

We’re in September 1918, in the French village of Nonsard, in the Saint Mihiel sector. These American soldiers come back from the front line. If you search Nonsard on a map, you’ll see it’s on the shore of the… 42 more words


Cigarette Lighting

This nice studio picture of two Italian NCOs (I think the man on the right is a sergeant) lighting their cigarettes reminded me the legend of the “Three on a match” superstition. 128 more words