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Conservation UPDATE - Absent Voters Lists

We are pleased to announce the 1918 Absent Voters Lists have now been cleaned and digitised! Here’s how we did it…

The Chesterfield Division Absent Voters List was in particularly bad condition. 188 more words


Unbarbed wire

I find this picture rather interesting: it was taken during the first weeks of the war and shows, according to the caption (as far as I can remember) a trap for the (German) enemy done with wire. 41 more words


The War Memorial of Beaufort

Even if I’ve spent a good part of my summer vacation time in the French Alps, i.e. rather far (too far) from WW1 front line, it was always possible to find evidences of the conflict in local French villages. 76 more words


The crosses of the Hartmannswillerkopf

Hartmannswillerkopf, also known as the Vieil Armand, is located 24 kilometres north of Mulhouse. This mountain was a strategic area bitterly fought for during the Great War. 208 more words


A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1918 – Stella Maris

Here’s something fun to talk about. This one’s not so much about the movie as much as it’s about the star system. One of the most important parts of film history and classical Hollywood. 1,268 more words


Di cartolina in cartolina

Nel cassetto del mio vecchio scrittoio di ragazzina ho trovato una bella cartolina di Ischia (Napoli) inviata da mia nonna materna per il mio tredicesimo compleanno. 723 more words

Reading the news

I love this picture of Italian soldiers of the Marine Infantry having a break. One of them is reading the last news to his friends: we must remember that during the First World War, a good part of Italian soldiers was analphabet.