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The nurse, the nun and the soldiers

I had bought some years ago several negatives on glass plates on eBay; these ones were in bad state and borrowed to my neighbour, who’s a photographer. 74 more words


The crane

Here’s a pic of a crane in France with about 20 Doughboys on it. This crane was probably located near the canal which crosses the little town of TrĂ©veray, therefore I don’t think it was built by US Army.


Louis Armstrong With King Oliver (1918)

From the Louisiana Museum State Jazz Collection.

A young 19-year-old Louis Armstrong, standing next to King Oliver.

Photo link: knowla.org.


The war decorations

Sometimes I noticed some small details while watching the TV series which made me do researches for backgrounds and further informations. So the following props are a result of two scenes seen in the episode… 163 more words

TV Series

The group photo

I’d rather like this picture, with this group of Doughboys in their camp. It seems the shot had been taken too early (indeed we can see the back of one of the soldiers ), which makes this picture very natural!


The cigarette holder

A nice beard and moustaches for this pic! This is a corporal of the Italian Army, holding a cigarette tip. Note the spurs and his cap with a star and the number #2 inside. 50 more words