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War movie posters: Paths of Glory

Or Orizzonti di Gloria, as it’s the Italian translation of this 1957 Stanley Kubrick’s movie. The release of the film in 1958 and its showing in parts of Europe were controversial. 73 more words


War movie posters: Uomini Contro

I had the chance to visit a small exhibition in Gallarate (Italy) about war movies’ posters, I wanted to share with you some of them, which are of course all movies linked to the Great War. 25 more words


The deadliest pandemic in history: the 1918 influenza outbreak

Thousands died in 2009 with the outbreak of swine flu that swept the globe. However that figure pales in comparison to the estimated 50 to 100 million deaths that resulted from the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic that followed World War One. 425 more words


A British wire party

And for today, here’s a picture of a British wire party, with soldiers carrying “pig-tail” poles which will be used for barbed wire (if you want to see a German wire party, it’s here).


US School of Military Aeronautics 1918 Champaign Illinois

These are photos of the United States School of Military Aeronautics, Champaign, Illinois, May 1918.
Our family representative is one of our Oaklands (third row, far right) – Milo Oakland, I think.   24 more words


Piou-Pious' profitable hobby

The title is the original caption of this picture, published in some British magazine during the war. It shows us French soldiers melting aluminium in order to produce trench art. 50 more words



I own a series of negative plates about French trucks (La Buire models, to be more precise) a long time ago, it was time to show one of them again! 23 more words