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Piou-Pious' profitable hobby

The title is the original caption of this picture, published in some British magazine during the war. It shows us French soldiers melting aluminium in order to produce trench art. 50 more words



I own a series of negative plates about French trucks (La Buire models, to be more precise) a long time ago, it was time to show one of them again! 23 more words


The wrist watch

Strange, I was sure I had already published something about wrist watches during WW1, but I cannot find anything. Anyway, I am almost sure I’ve never published this picture before. 80 more words


The band

And for this Tuesday, I propose you this nice pic of a US Army band, ready to some (informal as far as I can see) concert in the little village of Tréveray (Meuse, France), around 1917-1918… En avant la musique !


A war memorial in Venice

Today’s pictures are kindly provided by my wife, who’s currently working in Venice (lucky wife). She spotted this Italian War Memorial, which states

Per diverse terre le vostre ossa…

73 more words

Afro-american cooks

And for this Sunday, a picture of two afro-american soldiers in a US Army camp near Tréveray, in Meuse (France) around 1917-1918. Because of segregation, colored people most of the times worked as cooks or dishwashers or in non-combat roles in US camps, just like these two men.


From chow to MRE

Bon appétit to my readers ! Today’s post has two different pictures, in order to show you the long way made between the chow given during the Great War to these Italian soldiers (by the way, the Italian term for chow is “ 71 more words