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The war decorations

Sometimes I noticed some small details while watching the TV series which made me do researches for backgrounds and further informations. So the following props are a result of two scenes seen in the episode… 163 more words

TV Series

The group photo

I’d rather like this picture, with this group of Doughboys in their camp. It seems the shot had been taken too early (indeed we can see the back of one of the soldiers ), which makes this picture very natural!


The cigarette holder

A nice beard and moustaches for this pic! This is a corporal of the Italian Army, holding a cigarette tip. Note the spurs and his cap with a star and the number #2 inside. 50 more words


Exile by Harold Hart Crane

My hands have not touched pleasure since your hands,—
No,—nor my lips freed laughter since ‘farewell’,
And with the day, distance again expands
Voiceless between us, as an uncoiled shell. 51 more words


Willie Salmond Is Killed in Action

A copy of the original is here: 11 July 1918


Written to his family from France

Dear Family,

Another New Zealand mail came in yesterday with letters from mother and Jess up to the middle of May.  335 more words


The Overcoat

I already published a post about the French other ranks’ m. 1877 overcoat, but this studio picture is more clear. Note the way the overcoat was open on the knees to make it more comfy during marches!


Charles A. McCollum 1918 Letter

On August 26, 1918 Charles McCollum wrote to his aunts, Emma Osborne Duncan and Erista Osborne of Racine, Wisconsin.  He was stationed at Camp Taylor, Kentucky.   77 more words