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September 15 in San Antonio history...

World War I – 1914
Due to the freedom of speech in the United States, it is becoming difficult to keep military attaches or those serving in consular departments from speaking publicly about the war in Europe.   61 more words


Don't hold back, there's a funny lady on stage

There is often a sort of bandwagon that gets pulled around town when a beloved celebrity dies and that’s usually the most frustrating time for people who actually loved the said celebrity. 831 more words


The Bette Davis Project: Bureau of Missing Persons (1933)

Smug detective Butch Saunders (Pat O’Brien) is not happy with his transfer to the Missing Persons Division because he thinks that looking for people is not a tough enough job. 349 more words

Pre-Code Hollywood

History - Propaganda in Nazi Germany

Censorship and Propaganda 

  • Goebbels (the Minister of Propaganda) was very skilled and controlled all aspects of the media, arts, and entertainment. 
  • Goebbels controlled the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of the German people.
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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1933 – King Kong

I can’t even count the number of films where this film is shown on screen to represent a cultural benchmark in a child’s life. This was the film of a lot of people’s childhoods. 778 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Female, 1933 (dir. Michael Curtiz, William Dieterle, William A. Wellman)

Alison: To me a woman in love is a pathetic spectacle; she’s either so miserable that she wants to die or she’s so happy you want to die.

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Movie Quote Of The Day

Dancing Lady (1933)

  • directed by Robert Z. Leonard
  • starring Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Franchot Tone, Robert Benchley, Fred Astaire, Nelson Eddy, Ted Healy and His Stooges
  • A dancer is torn between a millionaire playboy and her stage manager.
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