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I recently invested in some brown brogues for everyday wear and I love them! As brogues are currently on trend there are many options at varying prices available on the high street, I went for a leather look brogue which I got from New Look in the sale for a bargain price. 107 more words


Summer on the Steppe

Summertime is when I think about the Eastern Front most often; probably because the Soviet Union was invaded on the second day of summer, and many of the most significant battles on the Eastern Front occurred over the summer of 1941. 202 more words


New Drama Brings Development of A Bomb to Life

Tune in to CW33 for a special Manhattan series preview this Sunday at 6pm and then don’t miss the premiere of Manhattan at 10. 

SANTA FE — If you ever wonder what the world is coming to “these days,” just imagine what life was like in the early 1940s. 169 more words



It might sound like the Match.com identity of a guy in a pub in the midlands*, but the Gaz 67 is actually a rugged little off-road vehicle that was originally developed for the Russian military. 69 more words


Forget Me Not -- A YA Historical Romance - Sneak Peek

“In somnis veritas.”– In dreams, there is truth.

Chapter One

When They Were Young


Calvin Wynne whipped through the woods chasing freedom as fast as he could. 1,787 more words


The Designer

If you were at all ambitious in the 1940’s and beyond, or a woman perhaps starting a family, chances are you had to store away those dreams, or somehow make yourself believe that they weren’t important enough for you to pursue. 438 more words

From 'My Split Level Life'