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Tempest Over Boela: July 14, 1944

This painting portrays two aircraft from the 386th Bomb Squadron, 312th Bomb Group, during a highly successful attack by 75 A-20s on the Boela oil fields on the northeast coast of the island of Ceram, Netherlands East Indies, on July 14, 1944. 95 more words


Cordite for Tea

Here is something they never taught you in basic training. Use some cordite from your ammunition supply to make a quick fire to boil some water for your tea. 73 more words

November 19, 1944

Dearest Darling,
I received two of your letters this afternoon honey and I want you to know that I look forward very much to hear from you always. 294 more words


Giving Thanks

November 1944. The Allied armies continued to take Europe back from Hitler’s iron fisted grip. Success followed success and the Americans had pushed from the beaches of Normandy all the way to Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. 514 more words

May 21, '44 3:30pm Sunday

My darling Husband,
I’m sitting over at Dot’s, & Bobby is here, too. Helen doesn’t feel very well today, so I’ve had Bob with me since noon. 579 more words

November 16, 1944

Dearest Darling,
Sorry I could not write you sooner sweetheart because we moved again. I have not received any mail since Sunday and it will probably be a couple of more days before it catches up with us. 302 more words


Books From Long Ago

Jodie, over at Words Read and Written, posed the question today, “Which book has been on your shelves the longest? Which book has survived all your clean outs, trips to the second hand bookstore, book swaps, and garage sales?” 184 more words