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Director of Photography: Woody Bredell

Director: Robert Siodmak

Perfect Shots

The Battle of Leyte Gulf: October 23-26, 1944

Approximately a week prior to the start of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the 345th Bomb Group’s ground echelon was aboard two troop transports in Humboldt Bay, waiting to find out where they would be setting up their next camp. 84 more words


October 22, 1944

Camp McCoy, Wisconsin

Dearest Darling:
I am sorry that I have not written to you sooner but I have spent so much time riding between these camps and changing around that we really could not send any mail. 118 more words


Rattan or Ratan (1944)

“Rattan” or “Ratan” (रतन) is a 1944 social romance film starring Swaran Lata, Karan Dewan and Amir Banu. It was the highest grossing Indian film of 1944 and is cited as an “All Time Blockbuster”. 85 more words

Black And White

The Giraffes by Roy Fuller

I think before they saw me the giraffes
Were watching me. Over the golden grass,
The bush and ragged open tree of thorn,
From a grotesque height, under their lightish horns, 206 more words


Bride by Mistake (1944)

Director: Richard Wallace

This update of the Joel McCrea/Miriam Hopkins comedy The Richest Girl in the World is a rare example of a remake improving on the preceding film. 213 more words


October 18, 1944

Camp Chaffee, Arkansas

Dearest Helen,

How are you feeling and did you get over your cold yet? I miss you very much Helen and am always thinking of you. 260 more words