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A lavish house in West Delhi, year 2012, a prosperous family of nine, kids, men and women chatting and doing home chores, still an eerie silence lingering, baba, siting by the side of his king size bed, a little more tired for even his old age, his woman by his side, in remorse. 1,470 more words

Truth In and Truth Out

Renowned journalist and TV anchor Hamid Mir was attacked by unknown assailants soon after his reaching Karachi in the morning hours of Saturday. He got two bullets and according to some sources three bullets but luckily escaped death. 1,419 more words


Outside the Window | Earth

At some point in high school, I had bought Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Candy Man for myeslf, and had read it. Today, I was reminded of its story when I found out that Deepa Mehta’s film Earth is available online. 559 more words


April 18 in San Antonio history...

Archbishop Robert J. Drossaerts rededicated San Jose Mission as a sacred edifice. Restored to its original lines of 160 years ago, the mission will be reblessed to compensate for the time it lay in ruins. 56 more words


Portrait of a lady: 92 year old veteran educationist Nasra Wazir Ali


It started with a single room school just after partition. Today the Nasra School is spread over five large campuses with 20,000 students. Yet its founder, 92 year old Nasra Wazir Ali, lives in a single bedroom apartment inside the education institute she cultivated with such joy and perseverance. 822 more words


The Lady from Shanghai (1947)*

The legend is that Welles needed money to sink into a disastrous theater production and so called Harry Cohn asking for $50,000. As collateral, he agreed to make a popular film for Columbia. 272 more words

Orson Welles (b. 1915)