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The Lady from Shanghai (1947)*

The legend is that Welles needed money to sink into a disastrous theater production and so called Harry Cohn asking for $50,000. As collateral, he agreed to make a popular film for Columbia. 272 more words

Orson Welles (b. 1915)

The boy in the window

When the War ended the remnants of European Jewry came to places like New York City to live out their life in some sweet haven that they hoped might give them succor and some relief from the hideous nightmare of the Shoah. 967 more words


April 15th 2014: Celebrate Jackie Robinson The Player

Every year, on April 15th, we get to celebrate the great man and the baseball player Jackie Robinson. Every Major League Baseball player wears the number 42 on this day, in honor of Jackie. 380 more words


Tombstone Tuesday: Texas City, Texas Devastated on April 16, 1947

Some had survived the horrors of World War I and World War II only to return home and meet their demise in one of the most devastating disasters in American history.  1,100 more words

This And That

Long time coming

Hi everyone , so its been a very long time since I posted, almost 8 months, in that time I have done a little bit, I have been setting up a company and as such have not had the time for the publishing side of the blog, however I have taken copious amounts of pics, so I will upload these below and slowly add a descriptor to each over the coming days and weeks.

Does the Camera Lie?

Brooklyn Eagle, February 2, 1947
(Thoughtful review of Weegee’s People by Howard Swain, a few months after it was published…)

From the great Brooklyn Newsstand…


1971 India-Pakistan War: Genocide

This is the first post of a four-part series on India-Pakistan 1971 War. The second part is available here

On the night of 31 March 1971, two men huddled under a small culvert somewhere on the India-East Pakistan border. 1,920 more words

India's Wars