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Review of Rickey and Robinson

In his book, Rickey and Robinson: The True Untold Story of the Integration of Baseball, renown sports columnist, Roger Kahn, documents the roles of the two men, Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson, who were instrumental in breaking the color barrier in “America’s Favorite Pastime.” Kahn first gives a biography of each man before delving into the social and cultural environment of the time of Robinson’s entrance into the Major Leagues. 252 more words

Book Review

Inventing the Future, One Sublime, Ridiculous Contraption at a Time

Every so often, someone invents a new thingamajig that is actually, undeniably useful—something that fills a universal need (or, at the very least, a universal want): the light bulb; the car; the telephone—and the smartphone. 284 more words

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P.C Derek G Haslam, the early years.

It gets odder. No sooner do we find out about Haslam (a neo nazi) than we discover his Mammy was West Indian. This is not normal, even for Norfolk. 32 more words

Shehnai (1947)

“Shehnai” (शहनाई) was released in 1947. It was directed by P. L. Santoshi, and starring Kishore Kumar, Indumati, Radhakrishan, V. H. Desai and Rehana. It was the fifth highest grossing Indian film of 1947. 34 more words


Parwana (1947)

“Parwana” (परवाना) was released in 1947. It was the last film of K. L. Saigal’s and got released several months after his death in January 1947. 789 more words


Jugnu (1947)

“Jugnu” (जुगनू) was released in 1947. It was the first hit of Dilip Kumar. He gives a fabulous performance as Suraj and perhaps this is starting of his claim to fame of being “Tragedy king”. 344 more words


Elan (1947)

“Elaan” (ऐलान) was released in 1947. It was the highest grossing Indian film of that year.

After the passing away of his dad, Javed lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mom in India. 204 more words